October 26, 2021


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A new scramble for Africa

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21 thoughts on “A new scramble for Africa

  1. Great work but can you post your sources in the description box as well as table of contents/time stamps would really make this video absolutely perfect.

  2. There is a patronising tone used to describe Sub Saharan countries. Like they are just benign waiting for North Africans to provide access. You forget, there is the Ocean which China and US uses to ship to Europe today. What makes you think Sub Saharan countries would rely on North African ones? By that definition, Southern Europe would be the richest today. Also saying the north Africans would reshape North Africa to their image, what does that mean?

  3. Doomed from the start the seccond europeans set foot in Africa.

    Africans had no say whatsoever in their creation. All these so called countries are just fake european artificial creations and it's the african people who have suffered the most because of it. The way african countries were created by their very nature was inevitbally going to result in the Chaos and suffering that we see today. It's depressening, the only way I see change in my oponion is when sub saraharn Africans Rise up, Unite and disconnect from the world economic system. It's about time we Stand up for ourselves, we have all our resouces already in our continent. We dont need Europe nor do we need China.

  4. If people are stupid and spineless enough to ALLOW governments to lock them down with a globalist driven fake pandemic, there won't be a fu……g economy or anything else, but a war to reclaim our freedom from the world economic forum and Bill Gates, so stop just accepting this crap.

  5. I think Africa's goods will be transported largely by ship. Train costs considerably more and running train lines through the Sahara presents several unique challenges 1)Extreme weather. Food cannot be exported due to spoilage. And of course other sensitive products. 2)Bandits/terrorists. The Sahara is known to be a no man's land where opportunist criminals camp about. The lack of security is a big concern.

  6. Africa has a growing economy and intra-Africa trade improvements very much make sense BUT this whole thing seems to ignore the much better cost structure of water-based transportation and the great distances and difficulties involved with the Sahara. I also question your statement that only 5% of African imports are Chinese. I've heard that promising African clothing industries have been greatly undercut by Chinese imports, one of those two is wrong….

  7. Morocco it's the most suitable… And it's already working… No waist of time
    .. Morocco is building the largest port on the west Africa in the dakhla city and its expanding it's highways from north to the Mauritanian borders… And planning to reconstruct the roadways from north Mauritania to the Senegal

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