41 thoughts on “A Very Special Conversation In Anarchy Ft. Jeff Berwick”
  1. You will never get more people onboard until you make your arguments clearer, and present them in a more professional, appealing package. Aesthetics matter and these are dreadful, the effect (unfairly) is a bunch of goofballs in terrible lighting in crappy settings

  2. 1:10:50 – "It doesn't mean that we don't have to follow laws.". Yes, it does. The only law you have to follow is the law of private property which is a natural law, not a legislation. Some countries will let you alone if you renounce your citizenship and become a permanent resident in the same country. At least, you can make a case in court.

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  4. Thank you for a meaningful conversation. I was torn and on the fence about going, but I just went ahead and booked. I'm looking forward to meeting you all at Anarchapulco!

  5. Bakanin and Marx had a lot different interpretation of Anarchy than this soft opportunistic tripe. Even then Marx sold Bakunin out in his quest for power and recognition.

  6. BIG fan of Kingsley here, after having only known him a few weeks. I don't know his past, but I know him now, and he's an interesting, bright, principled, motivated, and open-minded man. I also happen to agree with him on a great number of issues that are near, dear, and important to me.
    I'm on Flote as drutter (same name).
    Anyone looking for someone else to follow there, much like Jeff but with less penis injections and more fighting cannabis prohibition, come say hi!

  7. Jeff is one of the more dangerous people, but NOT more dangerous than me- from deep inside frenemy territory (midtown manhattan) I am the most dangerous development since Serpico, never having seen a budget I could not cut by 75% – the people who control these budgets will do anything at (or not at) their disposal to shut me up (to be continued)

  8. Since there is no real way to articulate the Truth in a positive site.
    I walk in the Truth, stand up straight, and do what is right.
    When I need a friend I hope you'll help me stand up to fight.
    The starkest day has all but consumed this weathering light.
    And when we hear the angels sing,
    There will be no want nor need for anything.
    They cannot take it from me, their time is short, and long since due.
    Anywaaay, they wouldn't want to if they knew that I knew.
    It's time to start over fresh into something new.
    God only knows what these snakes have gotten us into.
    You know that
    When we hear the angels sing.
    There will be no want nor need for anything.
    They cannot stear my faith it holds fast to the Truth and flips others on their back.
    It's the Sword in the Stone, it's the Truth in my bones, it's tha constant attack.
    Light up everyone around you until you see a spark.
    Let it penetrate, illuminate, cut like a knife through tha dark.
    Chorus: So that when we hear the angels sing.
    There will be no want nor need for anything.
    Repeat chorus: When we hear the angels sing, there will be no want nor need for any—thing.

  9. Simply teach everyone an easy and legal way to stop paying taxes to support our warmongering govts. We are tired of being told to read ten thousands of pages of legalese to end up with wasted time sitting in a jail cell.

  10. Arrested??? I remember when an interviewer asked Timothy Leary, "Do you regret having an arrest on your record?" …to which he replied, "Unless you have at least 5 arrests, then you're clearly not making ANY attempt to make a difference in the slave culture".

  11. Thank you all human beings who are woke and waking to free themselves from the modern day BC grind wheel !! Of we all throw are shackles the slavania system will collapse !

  12. I am a Ghost Writer for various Artists over the decade. I've been writing hit songs that you sing in your car everyday. I will do whatever it takes. I knew that they wouldn't give me any credit and I still write songs for random bands to this date. I have a a few songs that are are rough draft. Every time I would pick up momentum and get a rythum and tempo but something would break my concentration and I would lose track of the beat that I was thinking of at the time.
    Anyway, I would love to give them to a Anarchy Band of your choice.
    What do you say?

  13. hey GTG guys I'll try to finish viewing later but for the walk-in clinic, lets' figure out some way to reduce sleep-deprivations – it would go along ways towards making love happen to a greater extent – imagine universal guaranteed sleeping quarters (sound-proof and oxygenated with perfect sonics playing and the option to experience infrared sauna each morning- butt this is NOT optional: empty colons:::) – oh PS: regarding communities of LOVE don't forget to mention: NON-hierarchicals! later (Jeff take your time before you react!)


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