May 8, 2021


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'ABC forgets' documentary which ‘absolutely skewers the renewable energy industry’

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A new documentary produced by the “far green left” has in fact put the argument forward “that renewable energy is not clean, not green and not practical,” …


25 thoughts on “'ABC forgets' documentary which ‘absolutely skewers the renewable energy industry’

  1. We offered the Australian government new systems do you want to know what they said No ! Australian government has no interest in low cost energy at all full stop we have the system's your not allowed to have it .

  2. Population growth has not slowed. We are at an all time high. The Earth's ecological systems that supported human life have failed throughout history due to our numbers and climate change/shift.

    There is simply too many people on earth and the system and biodiversity is collapsing slowly.

  3. I can't believe the ignorance expressed here. It starts with calling environmental concerns political left, just because they come from the political right. 2nd as bad as renewable energy efforts are they are still way better than the destructive denial offered by this right wing ignoramus.

  4. I dunno, haven't watched it, but so what if MM's film is reactionary. As new as it is it was years in the making. Yes, the history (past) of alternatives to oil, mining and damming rivers will depend on what's available (plastics, metals, electricity) but with full commitment to a full switch info can be pooled and we already know there's myriad alternatives to the myriad uses petroleum is put to. Then we wont have to make stuff with planned obsolecanse, having learnt the Earth is indispensable to life and should not be made obsolete

  5. Be aware of what Moore's Movie is trying to do… he realizes the SCAM the Left has pushed on people for decades is up. He now is trying to now flip the script and blame the HOAX on the Right and Capitalism. But a Capitalist makes what the public demands. The Right fought against this crap for decades, while the Left forced it down our throats. Once the Left forced it on us, of course the Capitalists gave then what they ask for, and of course they made a profit. But that's not their fault, they did what the Left forced upon them.

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