September 25, 2021


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36 thoughts on “Abdul Avoids Prison Despite 30 Years Of Nicking Our Money And NOT Working

  1. You are getting what you deserve your weak kneed atitude over the years you called diplomacy and like the weak minded you thought that was the way to go to be loved and admired well they do'nt they just laughed at you and still do

  2. Another useless out of touch judge ? Did he also order this lying thief to repay all the stolen benefits out of his £86,000 bank account? Or am I just being stupid ??‍♀️

  3. He's probably also bought a few properties along the way. Its such a joke how one brother buys a house and the rent cycle begins. All buying each other houses while the tax payer pays the mortgage for it. . . The amount of property owned in my town that has been bought on this system is a compete insult to the decent honest hard working folk.

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