Actress and social justice activist Jameela Jamil encouraged men this week to support abortion so they can avoid “lifelong fatherhood and child support payments.”

In a post shouting her abortion for the umpteenth time, Jamil took to Instagram to decry pro-lifers as being in on a patriarchal plot to set back women — while also noting that not all pregnant people are women, of course. “The Good Place” actress also zoned-in on men, who should support abortion to evade responsibility, she illustrated.

“Do YOU want zero way out of a lifelong fatherhood and child support payments, even if you’re a teenager, because a condom broke?” Jamil posed in a 9-page Instagram post.

“The men I know who have had partners/one night stands who have had abortions have also lived with immense relief and gratitude, as they were not in a position to raise a child emotionally/financially,” she added.

Jameela Jamil via Instagram

While not all pregnant “people” are women, Jamil continued, a stand against abortion is really a stand against women.

“Not all, but most of the people who will become pregnant are women,” the 36-year-old wrote. “This is a patriarchal tactic designed to control and abuse the freedom of women. To stop progress, to derail our education, to derail out independence, to force us into poverty where we can be exploited and harmed, with no protection.” 

In January 2020, Jamil actually dumped Daily Wire host Candace Owens from an appearance on the actress’ podcast due to Owens stating that only women can get pregnant.

Jamil revoked the invitation over a tweet the conservative posted stating, “only women can give birth,” The Daily Wire reported at the time. According to Jamil, such a biologically true statement made her transgender staffers feel “unsafe.”

“SAD TO ANNOUNCE that [Jameela Jamil] has revoked my invitation to her podcast [because] I tweeted ‘only women can give birth,’” Owens said via social media at the time. “Apparently the statement made her trans co-workers feel ‘unsafe.’”

“She used her 2 million strong platform to belittle an innocent young trans couple having a baby. Inciting mocking and hatred,” Jamil posted. “So she can’t come on my podcast. I’m down to talk to those with opposing views, but willful bullies are not welcome on my platform. Not sorry.”

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