March 2, 2021


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Adamson BBQ UPDATE: Free Adam Skelly!

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37 thoughts on “Adamson BBQ UPDATE: Free Adam Skelly!

  1. "Break the law to change the law". No, you don't break the law to change the law, you fight it by legal means. By your logic I can go sell crack and expect to get away with it if I am not happy with crack being an illegal substance and want to change the laws to make it legal. Do you realize how stupid that sounds?

  2. I'm sure you've found 'whatsherface' since this broadcast. When you mentioned it, I looked her up on youtube and realized somebody else had already sent me something of hers, which was truly worth the watch. Thx Ezra, and I hope you do 'hire her face'!

  3. B'H mayor of Toronto, Canada  – John Tory – Response to me
    Thank you for taking the time to write to the Office of the Mayor.


    We appreciate your thoughts and feedback on this important matter. It will be shared with staff in our office.


    Below, please see Mayor Tory’s response to the anti-mask protests that have taken place across the city:


    “We are in the middle of a pandemic and the numbers of new cases are going in the wrong direction. Wearing a mask helps keep everyone safer. People are always free to protest in a democracy but the people organizing these protests are trying to spread ridiculous and inaccurate information that, if believed, puts people’s lives at risk. I trust our public health officials. And I trust the people of Toronto will make the right choice between advice offered by our best medical experts as opposed to baseless propaganda put forward by an eccentric collection of protesters.”


    Thank you again for contacting our office.




    Mayor's Administration

  4. the emperor thinks he owns all of Canada and will RULE over us and we are the victim of his destruction to take us all down… WELL GUESS WHAT STAND UP CANADIANS.

  5. Is anyone else noticing the pattern to the "Health Officials" & this "Cop" handing the ticket to Hillier? The Canadian Health Official Dr. Theresa Tam, Toronto's Health Official Dr. Eileen De Villa, the Health Inspector that went to Adamson BBQ the 1st day & this "Cop" giving the ticket to the M.P.P. Randy Hillier? Anyone else feeling CCP…ish about this? Maybe their relatives are still in mainland CCP China & are being threatened, OR they have been bribed under the "thousand talons" program? I think these people need investigating IMMEDIATELY!!!! Would never even think about it, but it's not like the cop was black, the Inspector was white, the 1 health official Latino & the other Asian…NO…it's literally every single time & it's starting to get weird.

  6. By changing the anthem from "in all thy sons" to "in all of us", they strip away the idea of a true nation bound by BLOOD. Communism mixes up everything at the bottom while maintaining the elite at the top. Dissimilar cultures cannot successfully mix it up.

  7. The good ones will catch a bad case of blue flu. The bad ones will continue to serve their masters. The horrible thing is that their masters want us all to suffer.

  8. Police in Toronto should be on radar for speeding cars doing 150 kmh in 60 kmh zones instead of bothering a small business owner. It's a waste of police resources.

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