March 2, 2021


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Afghanistan as a buffer for empires (Graveyard of Empires, Part 4)

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31 thoughts on “Afghanistan as a buffer for empires (Graveyard of Empires, Part 4)

  1. This land has been at war non stop for 40+ years…
    Can you imagine if there was peace instead, Afghanistan was making good modern progress before the wars started in 70s until now…

  2. I really liked this series because it seems well provided, and I have already heard about the nickname of Afghanistan which made it very intriguing to me and thus made me watch these videos

  3. What a tragic country. I think Afghanistan would have been a great country had this 2 leaders did not pass away at the wrong time. I think the country is cursed to become a failed state. Their misfortunes are all RNG related, they themselves played well.

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