October 17, 2021


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Afghanistan staring at the abyss

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46 thoughts on “Afghanistan staring at the abyss

  1. Wow the us should be ashamed of itself…….this is the second time the us have left the Afghans in the lurch!They left Bagram Airbase like thieves in the night , like Saigon climbing on to choppers from the rooftop of american embassy.The americans have lost the last shred of credibility they ever had ,now Afghanistan will plunge into civil war and anarchy with the vultures(china and pakistan)stirring the pot.America the great defender of Democracy and Freedom……..well done!!!!

  2. Hey listen, America has been in Afghanistan for 20 years, I repeat 20 years. Trained the Afghanistan army, gave them jets, ammo everything. Our goal is complete Biden laden is gone. Step up and fight for your country Afghan people. Or Russia,China, India or hometown favorite Pakistan will occupy your country.

  3. After 20 fking years with American Military aid afghanistan government can even do shit about his own country. I think Afghanistan government is intentionally giving up so they can quietly ran away for their own life.

  4. Thats what happens when you support islamic fundimentalists because you bought into domino theory so hard you would rather see this then a communist afghanistan….

  5. Right off the bat I disagree. There IS an honorable way to kill and honorable way to conduct war.
    Target armed combatants only and give them a quick death to the best of your ability. Don't torture.

  6. But the cia and private contractors rare running things. What fate? the Taliban control more of the country than before we invaded? We never had control except of where the cash went. That 2 trillion that could have refurbished our infrastructure. Afghanistan was a grift.

  7. 119 was an inside job with the Israelis involved, only stolen Saudi ids were used. Afghanistan nor Osama did not demolish the towers, so the war on terror remains a FRAUD. What was started on a big fat lie only ended in misery.

  8. Like the Vietnam war, a combination of cultural misunderstanding, corrupt local government and lack of control over the rural country has lost Afghanistan. It is not the fault of any soldier – they fought admirably.

  9. In my country of Somalia the uae and kenyan funded terrorists have been reduced to only 10% of the country. Our Somali National Army is resurgent. But Somalia is easy flat country. Afghanistan is highly mountainous. Many valleys, canyons. Hiding places. The worst possible terrain to fight in.

  10. As a German, it makes me sick to see parts of the government still thinking they should deport people back to Afghanistan, because "some parts are safe".

  11. Shoulda of left in 2011 once we had Bin Laden
    Afghanistan is untamable and unforgiving
    Every single outside force from the ottomans to the british to the soviets to the US led coalition has failed.

    So many wasted lives on both sides to end up straight back at square one

  12. Shirvan I like a lot your job, but please take in consideration my comment.

    The word America is the name for a continent, a piece of land called America centuries before that the United States even exist. As Europeans are all citizens of European continent or Asians from Asia (for example), Americans are all who live from Greenland to la Patagonia.

    I could write pages and pages of historical backup, but this is not rocket science and is not hard to understand that America is a continent not a country.

    Thanks and as I mentioned above, I like and respect your work!

  13. this whole withdraw is so fucked. we have left small arms, and the ammo for them, vehicles from light to heavy, and other munitions that will help with bombs and ieds. so yeah i 100% feel bad for the people there because we just kinda in a way gave the Taliban the means to take the country over with so much ease.

  14. The Hindu king "Chandragupta Maurya" conquered Afganistan and gifted it to his wife as it was hindu Buddhists country at that time.
    Maurya rulers rules Afganistan over 300yr.

  15. You failed to mention the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, the wing which focuses attacks on major Pakistani cities. They're already gaining momentum here. Bombed a bus carrying Chinese and Pakistani workers for the Dasu dam. The situation is so dire that China held meetings with Taliban leadership.

  16. You realize that Afghanistan has NEVER NOT BEEN in ruins or between one war and the next? THAT'S WHY they're such good fighters. Because the ones who aren't are gone already. Been going on since Ghengis Khan….

  17. Sooner or later the Taliban will be the defacto legitimate governing body of Afghanistan whether or not we like it. It's insanely popular with the Pashtun ethnic group, which is the largest demographic in the country. They'll form close ties to Pakistan, a nuclear power with sympathies to the ideology and a large Pashtun diaspora living in their country. All of the Western world tried to prevent this but it was apparently inevitable.

  18. Looks like the same crap that happened to Afghanistan after the Soviet withdrawal in 1989 is happening again: the Soviets wasted millions of rubles and thousands of the lives of their young men to keep the Taliban at bay, only to have the Taliban takeover after their withdrawal, and like the Soviets: the US government has wasted millions of tax payer dollars, and thousands of lives of young American men to keep the Taliban at bay, only to have the Taliban takeover: again.

  19. Wow guys we really need a couple more comments on the addage about the graveyard of empires and the metaphor about a suitcase, I don't think it's been mentioned enough quite yet. Jesus you people are unoriginal

  20. If the US stayed and a deal was struck with the Taliban, the facts on the ground would not change. The Taliban would go immediately into rebellion upon losing an election they participate in, or if they won, the Northern Alliance would rebel as well.

    The conflict is ethnic, and originates from the arbitrary borders that split the Pashtun population with Pakistan. Nothing the US does there will benefit Afghanistan in the long term, otherwise we would have already helped them. If we couldn't do it in 20 years, why could we do it in 5, 10, or even more years?

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