38 thoughts on “African People Don't Know This Reality!!! I Hope Africans Watch This Video”
  1. So remarkably true! Keeping silent while this brutal murderous prevailing hate goes on and on is tantamount to being complicit and in agreement to the prevailing status quo!! It's as though there was a directive code. ( that went out silently unnoticed to most sheeple), telling some folk to mind their business and look the other way!! So sad!! Generations after us will be in utter shock reading the prevailing passive mentality of some who should have but didnt act to stop this carnage!

  2. A friend of mine… Who is from Mexico… Told me she was raised… Just like others in Mexico… To hate black people… She said if anyone from Mexico tell you that's not the truth…they are lying…

  3. How I avoid racism; live in area where most people look like me, vacation where most people look like me, work where most people look like me, have friends that look like me, etc, etc.
    It is working out great. No controversy and live a peaceful life.
    It's not that I hate people that don't look like me, it just eliminates a lot of negativity that comes with Multiculturalism.

  4. Read all volumes: The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews.
    At the end of each day they are all the same. And you, my black brothers and Sisters are the GOD'S Jewels.

  5. Most missionaries come from the Anglican church of England when it broke away from the Catholic Church under the reign of King Henry VIII. The Church was formed due to King Henry unable to get it up. He killed wifes for his own sexual inability and when the pope refused him to marry, again, he said fck it and created his own church. Those who questioned him were deemed blasphemous and executed. Dark history?

  6. It started with Jacob and Esau an Ancient Hatered! Two Nation's were in Rebecca's womb! And the elder shall serve the younger until the elder shall get up over them by sword and war! This is Biblical! Deuteronomy 28! Now after our 400 years of oppression Judgement is on the 10 Nations that conspired against Judah and Israel Psalms 83 and Joel 3! Also The Negros in America are not African! According to Zondervant Compact Bible Dictionary says that the Negro doesn't come from Ham! We are of Shem!

  7. To everyone who is reading this please stop asking for peace and safety, the only one that can bring this is the Prince of Peace, the Messiah himself. However until then according to 1 Thessalonians 5:3 sudden destruction will come because of the need for peace and safety.

  8. Did anyone notice the thumbnail picture is a completely different man also why is he not showing his whole face. My guess is he was a racist or why is he is getting so worked up. Mind you I am not American so perhaps it is different there!

  9. this guy is only trying to start shit ! he is adding fuel to the fire ! the big shots are trying to start a war between blacks and whites. they want us to kill each other off. while they stand on the side lines and laugh at us ! as we kill each other !

  10. One of the greatest pains in this Universe would be to hear ' I never knew you ' from Jesus.
    Speaking as an Indian – Non white – that experienced racism in the raw, I feel in my heart that Jesus Loves you guys ! in your fight for what is right, Just and Loving.
    I hear you loud and clear all the way from Mauritius.

  11. Allah protect my Brothers whites peoples in faith and Good Blessed Heart They Believe In Issa Jesus And I Believe Also in Issa Jesus You And We FREED The All World's From Those Fools of Evils
    WA la Hawla wa la kouwata ila billah. Nothing can Happen or be done a zonder the willing of Allah God. And God don't like UGLY AND SPEED OF DEMONS

  12. They also started White Supremacy. The pope Commissioned L. DIVINNCI to paint the images of God, Jesus and the Hebrews as White Europeans. And these were false images of the dark brown skinned desert tribes. And this one act of false self glorification of Whites is what started Racism. It was merely a continuation of what the White Turks and syrians Arabs and khazars Jews had done for 800 years before the European dark ages.

  13. Im not racist. Im white. I have black friends. I tell them my motto. Dont show me youre a "N" and i wont thinking of you as one. They allow agreed with me and respected what i said.

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