April 10, 2021


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AG Bill Barr Is Retiring Without Giving VITAL Reports First | The Glenn Beck Program

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46 thoughts on “AG Bill Barr Is Retiring Without Giving VITAL Reports First | The Glenn Beck Program

  1. U folks would really freak out 2 know that Trump is secretly working with the Clintons 2 destroy the Republican party 4 good! Won't know if u keep following rt wing radio. Don't serve their financial interest 2 tell u the truth. They all treat people like a bunch of dumb hillbillies!

  2. Barr and Durham are Deep State….now everything will go away for the Biden Family Racketeering Co.
    CIA, FBI, DOJ…… all Deep State and hopelessly corrupt. They have all sold us out to the highest bidder. We need a clean sweep of ALL of these Swamp Creatures…..term limits!!!

  3. Is Little Billy retiring to
    GITMO is his suite ready
    He has committed treason against the American people against our highest office with President Trump he is part of the swamp

  4. Just add Barr's name to the long list of treasonous bastards that serve themselves and the 1%. How many more examples do we need before we stand fast and say no more. The elimination of the elites, and their deep state apparatus, must begin soon. Otherwise we enslave our children and their children to this monstrous evil. Inaction is quickly fading as an alternative.

  5. How can America be restored , without Military Tribunals.
    Civilian courts are Useless, unless you`re pushin the party line.
    They should have used the military to Take the items in question,
    back on November 4th.

  6. Barr is bought and paid for by the Chinese via the Bidens.
    Folks its time to open the ammo boxes when the ballot boxes don't work anymore.

  7. Well my trust in the American Election system and my confidence in the "Justice Department" is certainly where it was last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that…Zero. Thank you AG Barr for all of the "great work" you've done to restore that trust and confidence. Hey, here's an idea, resign today, then get out of the way.

  8. Great show. Im in my ( late) 50s never dreamed to see our America in this shape. 15-17 years ago no- one in his position would dream of walking away now shoot 10 years ago. And to think I always thought of him as good red, white and blue, not the bad red, white and blue. WoW!!! Anyhow — MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR TEAM. 🕊️🎄🕊️

  9. It's hard to believe that Bill Barr wound up being as bad an Attorney General as Jeff Sessions, but he actually HAS DONE NOTHING to rectify the ongoing TWO-TIERED SYSTEM OF JUSTICE in America! Shame on him!

  10. I feared his DS Capability when he said, with a sinister smile, "THESE THINGS TAKE TIME", and he proceeded to annihilate VERY PRECIOUS TIME THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN SLAPPING DOWN INDICTMENTS ! The SOB was taking the place of an AMERICAN DEFENDER ! HE BLEW ALL THE CRITICAL OPPORTUNITY, knowing it would weaken TRUMP AND ELECTION ! TRAITOR !

  11. Trump was very naive in choosing Barr as AG in first place. Trump talked about the swamp in many occasion, and Barr was part of it all along. Barr was AG under Bush, one of the worst creature of the swamp. It says it all. Anyway Trump 2020, and merry Christmas everyone

  12. I really used to enjoy politics. And voting I really loved doing my part. Problem is I dont think I have a part anymore. Dont know if I will ever vote again. I am so cynical now and I dont know if I will ever trust any politician again. I believe Biden will get away with 'winning' and I believe nothing will ever come of his sons interactions with communists. I know Hilary, Obama and Biden will get away with what they did to our President. Washington spits on lawfulness. Us citizens that care to seek out the truth and expect punishment for the law breakers are just going to have to learn that we are the only ones that have to follow the laws. We also have to speak correctly, remember to tell people you are a racist and that you will try to do better. We will let the schools teach our kids a pretend history, teach them about transgender children, and teach them about BLM and why they too ( the children) are racist. Gods knows what else is in store for us. It is going to start looking like the wild west. I thiink I will get a horse and some nice cowboy boots.

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