October 17, 2021


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Alan Dershowitz Reacts to the Derek Chauvin Verdict | Stu Does America

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50 thoughts on “Alan Dershowitz Reacts to the Derek Chauvin Verdict | Stu Does America


  2. I just feel that Derek chavin called for ambulance and that he was distracted by all the people yelling screaming there was a ton going on these jurors didn’t come to the consensus of a cop they were afraid for theirs and families life. This isn’t the justice system at all

  3. It does not matter how or what the circumstances around finding Derrick Chauvin guilty, it is disgraceful, those who find him guilty will pay the price for this verdict at some point in their lives, as well as those who call for this verdict

  4. Everybody knows this trial was a sham a complete and utter disgusting sham.
    I understand this officer had a pretty poor record.
    But his record is not what was on trial here.
    Now how do you feel about if you get brought to trial of getting a fair trial that's the whole point of the trial is to look at the evidence and to evaluate and find out was this person guilty or not.
    So who in this country believes in a fair trial.
    Who in this country now believes that they are assured of getting a fair trial.
    That's right ladies and gentlemen Justice is disappearing in America the devil's winning our country is in a state of shambles and on a path to destruction.
    , Christ, Christ alone is the only way to solve this problem once and for all we will finally have Justice in this world for now enjoy the devil is dancing in the streets and we deserved everything that we're getting.
    So quit complaining and dive in pick which side you're on doesn't matter anymore Christ knows the truth and what you say may not be the truth at all

  5. If he was found innocent, let the chips fall where they may. The police should show full force and bust sculls or break bones to show who is in charge because from where i'm standing it's the rioters who are in control ! TAKE BACK THE POWER…!

  6. This case is not going to the Supreme Court and if it does Supreme Court refused to hear the complaint. Just like Trumps claim that the election was a fraud.

  7. Ok there’s more of us then then we should make our voices heard that he didn’t get a fair trial! I think what Chauvin did was freaking horrible but he still deserves a fair trial bc there was plenty of doubt!

  8. He did NOT get a fair trial. He couldn’t have. Why no sequestering for a freaking week and a half 🤦‍♀️ but even if it’s appealed are the higher judges willing to put up with political pressure and mob rule?

  9. The police or America were not on trial here, just Chauvin. Since there is a chance that Geo Floyd died of a drug overdose, the manslaughter charge made more sense. Chauvin was wrong and should have sought help for Floyd. Floyd might have died anyway, though.

  10. I really value the words of the laywer who argued for the convicted pedophile Island creator to get months in a local halfway house and sent home everyday for what 18 months. This man is the inventor of manipulating law to your client's favor.

  11. There is no way the the SCOTUS will over turn the verdict. With the exception of two conservative justices, the SCOTUS are either left wing ideological or moral cowards, especially Barret.

  12. I think Chauvin did contribute to the death but my opinion doesn't matter because I was not on the jury. I don't like the BLM/Antifa/Democrat threats and so it was not a fair trial, and this is not justice. I also wonder how is someone at 45 years old only weighing 140lbs? What are your police standards? Why did the skinniest cop get the job to restrain the criminal? Scrawny people and women should not be in those front line roles.

  13. A mans life is ruined now because another man CHOSE to break the law while poisoning his own body. Even after being rightfully confronted for his crimes, he CHOSE to be foolish and fight with police. He’s deceased now and it is entirely his own fault! People need to stop pretending that this man was anything but a criminal. We all make choices in this life. We live and we die by them. This man chose his fate. Every time he victimized others and flaunted his disregard for our laws.. he chose his fate!!
    The world is safer without him in it. FACT!!

  14. At this time, when these people, including Alan Dershowitz, said "the system works", please be kindly reminded, it ONLY WORKS for leftist's agenda, SO FAR.

  15. If this judge and jury didn't do the proper job, why do you think the court of appeals or even Supreme Court will do the right thing? They can see & hear the threats as well and what can happen to them, their families or homes.

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