May 13, 2021


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Alastair Campbell STEALS Greta Thunberg's Fame!!!

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31 thoughts on “Alastair Campbell STEALS Greta Thunberg's Fame!!!

  1. Mahyar – you will never inform or motivate people in the way Greta has! I was a fan of yours but now you have lost me!!!! Shame! You are now as bad as the rest of them in my view!

  2. Can someone who cares please get him an appointment with his doctor. The poor man has driven himself quite insane. Tree Olympics? Oh yeah… he's gone!😮😮😮😏😏😏

  3. Did the dropping off tree books on a doorstep, fall into the "essential travel" category before Xmas? 🤔 erm NO.
    (Or was this a heat of the moment, cover story for getting caught out with a secret booty call with someone called Teresa🌳? ) These people just keep forgetting to act scared of the KILLER mutant virus, don't they! I wonder why?

  4. We need more help with this petition we need 40,000 more signatures to get this over the line and turn the map deep red. Also, we have 30 Days to do it. We need to help our brave boys and girls and we need to get our Veterans off the streets and get them the mental health care they require. Please sign and share all over the internet and write to your MP as we.

  5. Everyone go to the michael anthony show yt channel and listen to the tommy robinson episode, he accuses tommies daughter of making up the allegations about her being molested because shes trying to frame muslims for her him and then asked tommy whether he was happy about it as the guy who molested her was brown. The guys deleting most of the comments on the video cos he knows hes just made excuses for a paedophile. This has to stop, if you hate nonces then go make your feelings known to this kiddy fiddler apologist

  6. Campbell would jump on ANY passing bandwagon that gets him momentarily back in the limelight.
    A tree based reality tv show? Well I guess anything is better than the Bachelor 😂

  7. Oh dear Mahyar, it seems your comments about the child saint Thunberg, have upset Owen – bless his little furrowed brow -Jones! – "If he was a character in Ghost, this one would be carried off by the demons at the end".

  8. Is that really Jeremy Corbyn in that video clip? He looks about 90 years old, and to think that just over a year ago he could have been our Prime Minister. Poor old bugger, he's even been "cancelled" by his own Party. Ha Ha Ha.

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