July 26, 2021


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Alberta NDP hold events at the Calgary Stampede after suggesting it should be cancelled

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26 thoughts on “Alberta NDP hold events at the Calgary Stampede after suggesting it should be cancelled

  1. I have to hand it to the No Damb Paycheck, (NDP). At least they are consistent with their, "Do as I say, not as I do." If I'm not mistaken. I believe the NDP, wrote an instruction manual on the subject and sent Jason Kenney an autographed copy.

  2. A yes the Stampede, where the parade is filled with politicians in convertibles waving to the public like stupid looking d-bags, and the all the little children are disappointed because the clowns in cars are not even funny… No Timmy, they aren't funny at all.

  3. NDP and the greenie wienies are both useless and still support traitor Trudeau! It is true that humans are the only animals on the planet that choose the dumbest among us to lead!

  4. Just remember Rebel News are a bunch of hypocrites! They accuse Chris Sky of being a holocaust denier, but at the same time hired Keean Bexte which worked for an organization that supported white surpristists. I hope this E-Begging company gets booted off the face of the planet.

  5. Politicians “don’t have to answer any public questions” because in what dream world 1) Liars answer any questions 2) Authorities (authority definition: The power to enforce laws, exact obedience, command, determine, or judge) aren’t leaders but rulers, and any ruler is an abuser. Once we give our power to be ruled, we become nothing. We live in a authoritarian world!

  6. Was not Kenney questioning whether he was going to let the stampede open based on some arbitrary metrics? Kenney is holding many political events as the Rebel indicated. The Rebel should try to be a little more objective when reporting. They should have at least mentioned that the NDP have no power to shut the Stampede down where as the PCs do have the power. That is a very important distinction.
    Kenney will be bringing back restrictions after the summer. He has the power to bring strip liberty not the NDP.
    Kudo's on trying to get the politicians to talk. Keep getting in their face.

  7. Its us, free thinkers, freedom lovers, private sector, small business, libertarian's …vs them, rats, snitches', people in government, PS parasites = police = bylaw…'…my body, my choice, F you all. Decades of brain washing, mind control, propaganda by ALL governments, msm globally, and here we are. Wake up, rise up free thinkers, freedom lovers, private sector…unite, plan, train, mma, weapons…fight back or else. The lowest of the low in society, just greedy $$$ braindead orders takers… = police = military = all governments = bylaw = doctors = nurses = teachers = fire…greedy public sector parasites, ps unions…just follow the money folks. They do not care, and they ALL get full pay in government while they screw with us daily…while they close our business, bankrupt us, gut the private sector, remove all rights, lock us in our house… This is a complete government = police takeover, plain and simple – getting rid of cash, surveillance state, digital currency, tracking everything we do, no privacy, no freedom, no property rights…. Control, control, control – governments now running everything moving forward.

    Rise up people. Crooked, corrupt, hypocrites…= all MSM, all government = from the top down and the bottom up…the whole system is a slimy, sleazy mess. $$$, all on the take…….Take a close look at who gets full pay, who has not lost a penny since this plandemic began. Take a close look at who is enforcing this scam, hoax, lie…on the private sector while they ALL get full pay. = PIGS = People in governments = Governments = police = bylaw = teachers = doctors …just follow the money $$$, = pure scum…F off greedy lying scum bags. Open up your small business, all across Canada, the world…F them.

    You want freedom? Then fight for it. Its the only way. Find like-minded people asap, and lots of them. Solution's ? Well many…here are a few…1 – Eliminate most government = less problems…no debt, no stress, no fake lockdowns, no plandemics…a healthy private sector, an open free market…freedom, free speech…GUNS and lots… 2 – Time to bring back weekly public hangings…on Sundays, it would be fun…sell tickets, pay down/off the debt…would sell out weekly…every week we get to watch several of these scum bags in government = police hang…lolllllllllll., lots of fun, joy, sunshine…drinks, BBQ…all positive…lollll.. 3 – Rise up, wake up, unite, large, very, very large groups, organize, plan, buy guns, lots…be real MEN, women, fight back against the real enemy here = governments = police = bylaw = MSM…,they created and are enforcing all of this scam, fraud, shutdown, lie… arms out, train daily, mma training, boxing, bats, weapons, guns, amo, lots…do not comply…FIGHT back…My body, my choice, F off lying scum bags. Revolution calling.

  8. As long as they are running away we know they are doing something wrong. With Truedope we that if he is awake he is doing something wrong. Why should they answer tough questions? There supporters don’t want to hear any of that they just want to hear how good their corrupt leader is so they can feel good about casting their vote without giving it any thought.

  9. Wow! Read your provincial and federal Acts….vit stats act, infant act, will estates and Successions Act, debts owed to her Majesty's Act…and apply the Acts so you don't need a politician to speak for you while you are a financial infant ( infant act)! You won't be one any more!! Learn the foundation of your country and your history so your not scammed; oh and do read the cesti Que vie Act found at the British Legislative website and referenced in your provincial Acts!
    Again! Grow up and read the rules you missed your right of passage under the legislative Acts of Canada… because you chose not to study them and apply the Acts! Never too late to amend the record or resind what's necessary!

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