Alex Jones’ appears to be getting the same treatment I received in the lawsuit brought against me by the man who calls himself “Leonard Pozner”, whom I am convinced is a legal fiction played by Reuben Vabner, who came to Madison and testified under oath. Everything about my trial was wrong, as I explain in detail (below). Now they are taking my blog on Thursday at 5 PM/CT to make sure that I am unable to contribute to explaining what’s going on here and how the law has been weaponized to censor and abuse those who speak out about “false flags” (or staged) events, where we have had a spate of them of late with Buffalo, Uvalde, and (most recently) Highland Park. Download the LAW ENFORCEMENT “FALSE FLAG / STAGED EVENT CHECKLIST I have published with Brian Davidson, P.I., and you will see the massive effort that is being exerted to deceive and mislead the American people, especially to give up their guns! DON’T DO IT!

Alex Jones, Murder of Due Process at Sandy Hook Show Trial (26 July 2022)

My petition is on the docket of the Supreme Court. While I originally believed it was a 1st and 2nd Amendment case, the Summary Judgment protocols in Wisconsin allowed the Judge to decide whether or not my facts were “reasonable” and exclude them if in his subjective opinion they were not. As you will see from my Petition–which you can download to your own desktop here–the Court of Appeals (4th District) and the WI Supreme Court agreed.

In other states, such as TX, however, the case against me would have been tossed or else sent to a jury for determination of the disputed facts. But in WI, the Court could in effect determine the facts regardless of my evidence. It turns out this is a national problem and I am teeing up the case for SCOTUS to make summary judgment protocols uniform throughout the nation. I believe they are going to do just that and set things right.

Brian Davidson and Danny Cirrus, The CT State Police at Sandy Hook (23 March 2022)

When I published Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control (2015; 2nd ed., 2016), with thirteen contributors (including six Ph.D. professors), banned the book less than a month later (even though it had sold nearly 500 copies). I released it for free as a PDF. Mike Adams wrote about it, “The Most Dangerous Mind in America” on False Flags and Extreme Censorship.

In 2018, I was sued for defamation in Madison, WI, over an uncertified death certificate in the book. The Court would not allow me to present my proof that nobody had died on the (absurd) ground that it had nothing to do with the truth or accuracy of the death certificate, which alleged the decedent–Noah Pozner–died at Sandy Hook on 14 December 2012 of “multiple gunshot wounds”.

Check out Jim Fetzer, What Happened at Sandy Hook (5 December 2020)

I introduced reports from two forensic document examiners, both of whom concluded that it was fake, but the Court simply set them aside as “someone else’s opinion”. Ignoring my standing as a journalist, the Court ignored the disputed fact of the authenticity of the document and found me guilty of defamation, even though there was no finding of negligence. I was guilty of defamation without fault.

The trial for damages was captured perfectly by Kevin Barrett, “The Legal Lynching of a Truth-Seeker: Jim Fetzer’s Stalinist-Style Show Trial”. When I appealed the abuse of Summary Judgment, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals District IV made (what Ron Avery characterizes as) gross errors. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has denied my Petition for Review without a word of explanation the same day Remington settles for $73,000,000 without establishing that anyone died at Sandy Hook. The fake shooting is being used to undermine our right to keep and bear arms, as it was planned to do.

False Flags: From 9/11 to Sandy Hook and Beyond (20 February 2016)

As a former Marine Corps officer, I am profoundly obligated to carry this case to the US Supreme Court because, whether I am right or wrong, I was denied the right to present a defense. I have been saddled with $1.1m in liens as a result of a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit against Public Participation) to punish those who speak out and expose fraud and corruption by the government. I am doing what I can to protect your rights.

If this case stands, then we can be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law. I am doing this for all of us but I need your help! I have the law and the evidence on my side. What I don’t have is the money. I am doing this for the sake of the nation. But my attorneys expect to be paid. Lend a hand if you can. Thanks!

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