28 thoughts on “Alex Jones “I’m Ready to Die” – Exclusive Interview After Being Banned”
  1. Patrick. I love your interviews. SOOOOOO MANY TIMES you wanted to laugh…. I did it all for you… You just couldn't hold back at the "HIS MOUTH IS LIKE THE TOILET BOWL!"

  2. Pat you can't say you haven't noticed all the " suicides" past few years after they all spoke out about child trafficking?? I find it hard to believe that you are in the dark with the deep state.We need more like Alex to " speak out".No more time to waste or tip toeing around.Children are being tortured & murdered as we speak all day everyday for centuries now!

  3. The crazy thing about Alex Jones is that he used to warn people about fascism & militarized police… and now we have fascism & militarized police and Alex is as quiet as a church mouse. Not only that, but now he thinks it's terrific!

  4. They will eventually silence alex jones but the lesson that these people failed to learn from history is by taking this action they have now made him an icon. While I think alex jones is a bit much sometimes, if you do the research most of what the man says has at least some basis in fact somewhere. In my opinion this is kind of scary about where we are heading as a society. David take a look at the comments this video has gotten to see that alex jones will never be off social media. They might silence him personally but all of these supporters are still here spreading the same messages.

  5. I PRAY FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR FAMILY I have watched you for about 10 years and when I'd talk about things no one beleaved me well I think peaple are finely waking up thanks Alix and YouTube keep are freedom of speech or no one will watch you tube

  6. this video is not going to age well for patrick. he went in with a condescending attitude and now everything alex said is coming true… makes patrick look very bad. …makes you wonder was he sent to discredit him? mmh. should have given the guy a free platform not be a judge and jury.

  7. Regardless of what your opinion of Alex Jones is (mine is kind of neutral) – observe closely how his own opinion about being off social media went from: Escaping the question -> "I feel good, cause I am not on a sell-out, people project on me…" -> " * I am at the top of the food chain * … I have more people supporting us [than before]… Radio stations have a giant audience" -> "Obviously… I want back on that, but they misrepresent everything I've said and done" -> "I am not fine with it, it is tearing me" -> "I'm proud to be banned by these people… You think I have been hurt… that's a good deal man". His opinion even about how he feels is inconsistent (reminds of me too much of Trump).
    I think I have to agree with Patrick here – it is the overselling and the exaggerations which put Alex in the position he is right now. Otherwise interesting theories and stories that he covers go too wild and with these exaggerations, it becomes hard to believe. A tough interview Patrick, thanks for making it and giving voice to people who are censored. That's bravery and I should add great interviewing skills on keep pushing on your questions until you get a proper answer.

  8. Fake . The only reason they "removed" him and banned him is so that people in the truth community will think he is legitimate.
    Probably the same think tank minds
    as the ones responsible for " banning " that history channel production of some jfk documentary only so people would seek out to find it on you tube thinking that because it was banned it must have the truth in it.
    Too obvious. I would like to work in a think tank situation , these type of tactics would be avoided if I was working on it. Gogolactic33@gmail.com

  9. Why do they want to ban AJ?…because he's the only person with a huge audience that had the b@lls to expose the elite, years before anyone else with an audience said anything.
    I never heard Anyone in media talk about globalism, the NWO, or the Chi-Coms infiltration plans before he did years back…and instead of talking about a topic once+dropping it, AJ hammers it in again+again+again to make sure that people pay attention+look into it. It's the constant exposure of individual topics that makes him a danger to people in power.

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