September 25, 2021


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Algeria & Morocco: The World's Most Self-Destructive Rivalry

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36 thoughts on “Algeria & Morocco: The World's Most Self-Destructive Rivalry

  1. Dont forget that Algeria is run by the military and morocco is run by a King.
    They are basically both oppressive oligarchy style situations but in a way they are opposites.
    Also, neither is Arab. This is a common misconception because they speak a form of Arabic. If you look at the ethnicity of the people, almost none share genes with Arabs (gulf or levant). North Africans come from ethnic groups and cultures which pre-date Arabs and while they were at one time part of the Ottoman or Arab occupations, they are not actually Arabs. That goes for Tunisia and Libya as well.

  2. Like usual, this video actually obscures more than it explains, by totally refusing to discuss imperialism. The conflict between Algeria and Morocco is not "self-made"; it is an intentional conflict encouraged and fostered by Western imperialist powers.

    Morocco is a reactionary monarchy that acts as a proxy for the US and France, whereas Algeria had a progressive anti-imperialist revolution and, despite many compromises, still remains a friend of anti-colonial movements that is committed to building a multipolar world.

    US and French imperialism have intentionally exacerbated the conflict between Morocco and Algeria by using Morocco as an outpost to serve their interests in the geopolitically strategic North African region.

  3. Pls also make a video on Pakistan's geopolitics particularly on its constant fear of India, the narrative I always hear on news when holiday or any kind of bombing occurs.

  4. 4:01 it is a shame that someone like you missed the actual point here, it is the Pan-Arabism movement – that was raging like crazy in all the Arabic world at that time -that influenced Morocco to not accept the deal with "Western colonist" France.

  5. Omg I just learnt Algeria promised Morocco to give them their lands back and after independence they failed their promise and backstabbed Morocco …. how disappointing that is .. and supporting and arming a militia that wants the Sahara creating a new republic that never existed in history .. I am sorry but Algeria disappointed me .. be a good neighbour COME ON 😤😤😤😤😤😓😓😓😓. Morocco keep your patience please we DONT want another war !!!

  6. Morocco was betrayed by Algeria, it was a great mistake to help Algeria to obtain its independence because the first thing Algeria did is betray the country that helped it. and now they are convincing themselves that it was not their mistake they try to blame Morocco for anything

  7. Alkherya is a communist country. It is against the prospeity of the region. His enmity against Almaghreb is just coming from hatred and envy. They spend all the oil money against the terretorial unity of morocco. Now morocco is in the way to be a developped country. While Alkherya is always under corrupeted regim who live only on oil and gaz….

  8. This is very Moroccan bias report
    The whole narrative is Moroccan point of view
    And please were is the saufistication in Moroccan military no subs no Sam systems no attack helicopter poor armament no local industry that can supply the army … they import the 7.62×39 mm and the obsolete version of Romanian AK-47
    And 23 f16 block 52 is all what stands up in Moroccan royal forces really dude !!!!!
    It's a fucking squadron worth of capable fighters that Saudis bought for them
    Moroccan military depends on foreign obsolete military aids

    There's no way of comparison dude😂
    2 years ago Moroccan government refused to negotiate the contract of gas pipeline that secures the half of it's energy without counting the electricity that Algeria imports Morocco
    They didn't think that Algeria already established another direct pipeline torwads Spain they thought they have leverage we will see this November how they will deal with energy blackout
    And who said that the largest country in Africa with over 2 million square kilometers that sits on hydrocarbon treasure over spend in defense budget ?
    Do you even know the conflicts around us ? Do you even know how many arms and terrorist are captured on a daily basis?
    Do you even know how mobilized the Algerian army in the borders for a decade now without another single atack after tigentourine ?
    Dude when it comes to north African geopolitics you lack a lot

  9. Also worth mentioning is that the Moroccan monarchy sought to gain popular support and avoid coups (which has suffered from before) through this whole "Greater Morocco" idea the territorial expansions agianst Western Sahara, Algeria and Mauritania.

  10. i'm an algerian and i strongly agree with this video, algerians and Moroccans have been brothers and sisters since the days of the abbasid caliphate, this conflict is between the algerian and the Moroccan governments, not between its citizens, France is the biggest beneficiary of this conflict since they're the ones that brewed it up in the first place.

  11. so glad to see islamic countries throwing their potential away! keep fighting each other, someday one of you will win and get to be overlord of the ruins and mudhuts!

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