September 25, 2021


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“Alienated” from Alberta Health: New Dimension Tattoos followed mask bylaw, ticketed anyway

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28 thoughts on ““Alienated” from Alberta Health: New Dimension Tattoos followed mask bylaw, ticketed anyway

  1. Covid has striped everyone's identity, we are no longer people we are walking virus's, Government strips of our freedoms, we lose more everyday, Covid has turned people against each other, has made people fear life + the list goes on + on. Justin Trudeau's liberal Communist government is in power + running Canada. Communism is here folks we lose more freedoms everyday. .Canadians are not far from "Where are you papers?" to walk into a store or drive down a street. Make no mistake Justin Trudeau has great admiration for China's basic dictatorship + government control grows each day, Canadians are too polite to say STOP soon it will be too late

  2. This was at Kensington four20 premium market in Calgary. Was kicked out by a man dressed as a women because he didn't like my face mask. If anyone is curious to what my mask was it was a plague doctor mask, last time I checked that fits medical standards. there are 4 other weed stores in Kensington I would definitely recommend taking your business to one of those shops instead. The staff at Cana cabana are pretty friendly.

    PS: I should certainly hope that your stores are a safe place for everyone. But as far as discrimination goes I was the only one discriminated against here for my choice of mask, even the other girl working there was arguing that I was wearing a good enough mask, but that wasn't good enough for him. Your staff are quite familiar with me, given that I'm a regular in your store, and that I even gave one of your employees a ride to the hospital once. This gentleman that works here in your store makes a habit of aggressively ID me every time I walk in here, and they rest of your staff do not treat me this way. And upon further investigation of your reviews it seems that I am not the first person that has been treated this way here by that gentleman working in your store, maybe you should have a talk with some of your employees about respecting there customers. I am more then happy to take my business elsewhere.

    Response from owner: Hi Chance, your comments are very disturbing and we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind in our stores. We strive to be a safe and inclusive environment for the LGBTQ2S+ community, for our customers and our staff. If you are unhappy with our mask policy, we apologize but we do actually need to see your face in order to ID you, as per government regulation with AGLC. Either way, this would have nothing to do with our staff and your comments about our people are not okay. You are welcome to speak to leadership directly by emailing

  3. And who are these people "reporting" that the business is open and are maskless. Ordinary people who obviously have no clue what went on in the 1930's-1940's. Reporting on your fellow neighbours? Wonder how they would fare if it was turned around and they were the ones harassed by the current gestapo

  4. They are not human, they are created fictions playing their role of the suit and hat they wear, we live in the world of a mad hatter's tea party. This is why we need to take back our public courthouses, that we have allowed them to use for Corporate law and Admiralty law and from this pulpit they administer the strawman and not the human…Common Law is the law of the land, unalienable rights as we are created by God and they are created by us.. We own them, not the other way around, once we take back our courthouses we can hold court with juries of our peers and we have jurisdiction over them, not they over us.. Our laws are written by God, on the heart of every man, that they know right from wrong and good from Evil!

  5. Those following one religion are allowing the creation of another. The religious belief that government will fix all is insanity and the religious followers of the coronavirus (flu) dogma have willingly and enthusiastically allowed the government to deprive the people of many basic rights and freedoms.

    There is only one way out and that is the rejection of both of these dogmas. The government must be returned to representatives of and for the people and the people must fearlessly reject the lies and deception that they have been propagandised to accept by the government and its messenger the MSM. Break free and take back your life, your freedom, and your right to live as you see fit while doing no harm to others.

    A quick word about mask and logic, So, is the coronavirus (flu) an airborne containment? Yes, in droplets, in normal respiration do we expel droplets? No, when do we expel droplets? when we are sneezing or coughing. Is it reasonable to suggest that the odd sneeze or cough can be suppressed in a bend of the elbow? Yes, If you are persistently coughing and sneezing you are probably not well and should stay at home or wear a mask. Is it reasonable therefore for perfectly healthy people to be wearing masks? given that we are not a risk to anyone and those around us are not a risk to us the answer has to be NO it is not. Finally, it has been stated by many medical professionals that the mask is ineffective at stopping the spread of a coronavirus (flu).

  6. Their rules about masks and such are exactly the real mask law the officers should reD this because that what they are supposed to do ex. Sees person without mask ,smiles nods, continues walking gee why is that so hard I mean it's the actual law med. Exempt from masks no questions

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