March 1, 2021


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All Your Coronavirus Questions Answered: Michael Greger, MD | Rich Roll Podcast

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29 thoughts on “All Your Coronavirus Questions Answered: Michael Greger, MD | Rich Roll Podcast

  1. There does not appear, to me, anything we can do about the next pandemic. This one has demonstrated that we are too stupid to get it right. Because we'd rather die than surrender some freedom for a finite period of time. We're done here….

  2. Speaking of a future pandemic with a much higher death rate, I heard that if the death rate is very high (think ebola) the spread will be much lower and is not likely to turn into a pandemic. Viruses need bodies that stay alive in order to survive themselves. So spreading in humans would need packed conditions with people according to his reasoning.

  3. I frequent a website that allows 25 people worldwide but mostly in America to congregate for about 10 minutes.
    I went to 10 of these congregations and asked if anyone knew or had heard of anyone catching this corvid 19 and got no responses at all from anyone.
    Short of a list to the dead, I have reservations about this virus spreading in America and believe this virus is being used as a test to find out how Americans will respond to such social restrictions as Marshal Law and to condition people for something we will all know someone who has caught whatever sickness we are subjected to.

    Maybe this interview might change my thinking

  4. The first thing you can do is understand that the "pandemic" is a scam. Everything falls into place nicely once you come to that truth. All the rest of the interview is conjecture based on a false premise.

  5. 🤣🤣 how comical. Why would I take health advice from a wimp that looks like he’s dying??… this guy is a joke! I will admit that Rich looks good for now, but his health will rapidly decline unless he eats some actual protein…this bullshit vegan fad is exactly that…. there’s a shit-ton of ex-vegans finally getting honest and coming out of the woodwork about the multiple health problems they have developed and how they ruined their health with this absurd trend…..

  6. Greger: I follow you often on issues of nutrition. BUT you failed to answer the question: What would you do? Your credibility drops sadly in my mind. If a "cure" causes more damage than the disease, then you change course. You did not say what course you would follow. Also: I see an internal contradiction in what you do say. Herd immunity is impeded by efforts to stem the spread of the virus. SO: the most vulnerable should hide; the rest of society should forge ahead and face herd immunity. You did not provide any persuasive answers to any of the important questions. All you did was make noise with your voice.

  7. great interview and very thorough! couldn't help but wonder, though – the two of them in an enclosed space for a couple of hours, sitting close by, talking non-stop, not wearing masks. dr. g just off a plane and rich roll said he hadn't been tested with nasal swabs and that he's got no antibodies. if they're one of both are asymptomatic carriers…hmm.

  8. Could listen to these two all day, they play off each other brilliantly. Their mutual respect is forward and fabulous. Thank you Dr. Greger for all the info, especially for clarity about masks.

  9. Great information but the animation and hyperbole with which Dr. Greger is conversing is freaking me out because they’re right across from each other, not social distancing or wearing a mask.

  10. Great interview highly informative, however one detail I can enlighten people about is that a nanotechnology filter will protect the person wearing a HALOmask in BOTH directions.. breathing in and breathing out.
    For more info get in touch or visit

  11. What the he'll are you tslking about… Covid 19 is a virus but by No means meets the definition of a Pandemic… it's a hoax and a cover up for a greater Agenda…. are you clowns just propoganda pushers.. H1N1 was another fake pandemic… and you know it. The reason the CDC knows about a new bird flu is because they are creating it in order to knock down food supplies now that you shitbags have ruined the farming industry with the fake Cov 19 test kits and all the false positives.. YOU'RE SHOW OF SCAREMONGERING LIES AND IS A COMPLETE DISGRACE…

  12. Decided not to watch this after reading on the comments that he’s an advocate for the vaccine. Since when have we been able to cure a cold or flu???? Never. Who wants to put something in their body that only has to create an antibody reaction to be called effective. Full of all sorts of shit and the company has no responsibility for any problems. Just get your immune system up and catch Covid

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