February 27, 2021


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40 thoughts on “ALTCOIN KEEP MOONING + BITCOIN $50K ATTEMPT! Ivan on Tech

  1. Great video sir! Anyway, did you know that YFDAI is listed on gate io? yep, it just allows vetted and legit project. They also offer the insurance, multiple launchpad project that on going, safeswap, and safe predict. It is profitable!

  2. Hi guys.
    I love Ivan’s videos and insights, I have learned a lot.
    However we just had a massive correction to ALT coins and we haven’t had any discussions on this? It seems as if it’s being swept under the rug because Ivan wasn’t in front of it.

  3. I get a little confused when you say the markets are overcooked. I’ve heard bitcoin could very well go to 200k + this bull run. But I get that some of these altcoins are going to pump and crash so I get that sentiment. But personally I think if you’re in strong fundamental altcoins like eth, Ada, link, snx etc. I think there still is a lot of gains to be made.

  4. You’re damn right alt season didn’t start yet Ivan. My GLCH bag and BFLY bag hasn’t pumped yet. I don’t care if my eth and my dot and my apy finance pamped like crazy. If I don’t get 100x on all my bags every day it’s not alt season. I’m not kidding.

  5. Gene Simmons … some kind of artist ??? Get with the program Ivan. He was the lead guitarist for the mega band KISS back in the 80's … the makeup wearing dudes. Google it.

  6. It’s an adventure, I have felt for some time that people were underestimat!ng what th!s bull run was going to be lke compar!ng !t to the past halv!ngs, it's not the same, the floodgates have been knocked open and this Elon Musk investment is proof and a b!g impelling force to that end. Better get your moon boots dusted off. Indeed its a tough decisi BEN PAULon for both old and newbies whose intensions are just to hodl and sell but rather the potentials of tradnBtc would allow you grow yourBtc not mindng the present price chart and also saving your ass from any future deep that may occur . I started tradn with Gabriel Ken since late last year and till date have made over /63Btc/ even with the ups and downs since the journey . With Gabriel's help I no longer have to worry about any Bitcoin fall now or in the future. You can easily get to PAuL on ͲҽӀҽցɾąʍ @benpaul & ᴡʜᴀᴛꜱᴀᴘᴘ +447537180760 for any crypto related lssue<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>><

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