May 14, 2021


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America… A Nation of COWARDS! | Louder with Crowder

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41 thoughts on “America… A Nation of COWARDS! | Louder with Crowder

  1. Hey guys I think you're great but can I pull you up on @49.39? The USA is not "uniquely responsible for ending" slavery. If you genuinely believe this then check out Great Britain's Slave Trade Act 1807 etc. Facts are important.

  2. The only good thing that would come from getting rid of the cops would be not having to call them after defending yourself. It would save some money on unnecessary attorney fees too.

  3. First off I bet someone that these jurors would start doing interviews because they did this for the FAME and PRAISES!! This is why jury duty should be a government paid job that you go to school for because it is not fair that we put our lives in the hands of people off the streets!! You know dang well there was bias people on the jury and we know that for sure just by him getting all counts of murder for one murder and count one means he planed to kill GF smh!! This country is a disgrace right now all thanks to democrats!!

  4. People can’t leave weeds to do whatever they want and expect the weeds to stay where they are……the weeds will continue to grow if you don’t do anything about it and when it’s growing through your house and brainwash your kids it’s too late

  5. When she said she was a teacher, her information should have been publically released so parents of her students could have their kids removed from her classes if they want to.

  6. The pope is single handedly the most anti Christian position in the world!
    I Timothy 2:5
    5 "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;"
    The Bible contradicts the pope lol

  7. I'm Hispanic,
    Hispanic people are blindly led to be Catholic.
    But now I know better 😌
    I don't label myself anything anymore I just know that I am a Christ follower And believe that he died for our sins.

  8. Wow, I honestly loved Tenet. I mean, I loved it after I spent a few hours googling all my questions, but if somehow you were able to follow along it was actually really enjoyable.

  9. I think the real problem is guys like you sitting there running their mouth…. now it seems like that's all you do is run your mouth. You have to explain every little Nuance to a bunch of dumb people which makes you out to be like some kind of narcissist….. a lot of us regular people around home doing our own thing. you talk a good talk up until you realize we have been in a pandemic stuck inside of our houses without Gathering and communicating about important things and taking action on a community standard in our cities.

    meanwhile all you do is run your mouth… how much money you making there buddy? you wouldn't be doing any of this if it wasn't a dollar values attached to it…. Ok?

  10. I personal have made sure my kids know what our country was truly built on (freedom and liberty), know our history, and understand personal responsibility. They have done virtual school since K so I can monitor what the lessons are teaching.

  11. My opinion? I think the people we see in the streets now grew up seeing all the the great civil rights leaders in history books and tv learning that they were important because they stood up to injustice. But not having anything to stand up to or for makes them feel like failures, people just want to fit in or be a part of something so they feel important. So they find something to make a problem and stand up against it blindly, and without reason.

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