May 11, 2021


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America and Iran in a game of brinkmanship

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42 thoughts on “America and Iran in a game of brinkmanship

  1. … and why are You so anti-Trump man?
    Obama WANTED to give a TERRORIST COUNTRY the POWER to MAKE NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!!! Of course Trump and anyone else with a bit of common sense would attempt and stop that … Sure Trump's a moron and is probs the biggest dummy in US president History but he's still AMERICAN and PUTS AMERICANS FIRST … UNLIKE OBAMA!!!!

  2. And I knew nothing of this. I knew there was serious issues happening but no american reports or news. No surprise. I did notice how the U.S. media did not consider the many lives lost from the virus in Iran. They were overwhelmed long before Italy.

  3. this video can almost be called iranian propogenda….
    yes not cooperating with iran by signing a laughable deal that gives iran everything it wants is reckless even though iran does not even have any bargaining chips to begin with, iran should be glad that they are not a smoking pile of ash yet and do as they are told.

  4. Shirvan has become unusually biased in this video. Trump may be reckless but Iran’s attack and setting fire to US embassy was far from rational and cool. Remember Trump did not retaliate for Iran shooting down a 100 million dollar drone, nor for damage to the Saudi refinery which decreased their capacity by 1/5 th. Trump should have have offered Iran a continuation of the JCPOA nuke deal if they abandoned terrorism, before abandoning that deal, however. He has described his negotiation style as “to come out with guns blazing.”

  5. Tit for tat between Iran and Saudi is good for weapon sales. An all-out war is highly unlikely. If and when Iran gets a deliverable missile, the US and Israel will sell countermeasures to Iran's neighbors. Perhaps a Stealth Drone armed with some B61 thermonuclear bomb for Iran if they misbehave badly.

  6. If you believe that the mullahs were honest about their nuclear program, I got a bridge to sell to you. If you want to talk history, America wasn't going to let Admiral Yamamoto continue visiting his front line troop if they could take him out. And we all know what Soleimani was doing in Iraq. Funny how history repeats. You're one smart guy but some of the shit you talked about is very naive. The mullahs put on the robe, grow beard and wear turban. Khomeini sat on the floor and said he didn't want power and we know how all that turns out.

  7. Sulejmani looks like real General. It maybe enemy of USA but still we should respect him. I'm not sure that action was honorable. USA and Iran are not in open conflict after all.

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