February 26, 2021


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“America Was Not Meant to be an Elitist Culture” | Elijah Schaffer on Andrew Says

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39 thoughts on ““America Was Not Meant to be an Elitist Culture” | Elijah Schaffer on Andrew Says

  1. The internet makes it possible to have personal sources, the days of central news outlets are thankfully coming to an end. I get good info from many on site local citizen journalists.. a more organic flow of information, if the big tech would get out of the way that is… Alt platforms are getting some traction…

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Elijah. He’s got brass balls and is funny AF. His interactions with Crowder will have you giggling until you cry. Edit: I highly recommend Blaze. You’ll get Steven Crowder, Lauren Chen, Chad Prather and much more.

  3. The Elitist Culture: Question: Why are you worried about Climate Change? Answer : The TV told me to.
    Question: Why are you wearing that mask outside? Answer: The TV told me to.

  4. Youtube has really come down on me hard for my choice of subscriptions. They no longer will send me any notifications when new videos come out. I always have to manually check for them now.

  5. Elija said it PERFECTLY- I am an immigrant to Canada and we came here to escape the communist regime. Its HORRYFING to watch it creep into this beautiful country and watch Canadians have no clue whats happening.

  6. There's NOTHING in the MSM besides government/establishment propaganda – the people who work in MSM have sold their souls to the devil and shamelessly read gables level brainwashing fear-mongering LIES.
    And besides growing and expending alternative media for real news, there's a need to develop alternative social media platforms for conservative and libertarian voices who are straight up being censored these days by BigTech which is nothing but a branch of the globalist cabal elites and the CCP.

  7. The trading of chains for consumer freedom and debt, trading freedom, and debt for face muzzles and security, trading our sovereignty and safety for servitude and government. 
    B.B., ….1984, we there yet Huxley?

  8. Here's the problem, the big tech companies control what we can view. With the amount of b.s. they have been allowed to get away with so far, what makes you think that big tech won't destroy rebel news, blaze tv, Elijah once they get more political power? Elijah can move to tx but big tech can decide to block everything he posts and being in Texas won't stop that from happening. Trump & republicans did nothing to stop this. Trump was just monitoring the situation. Republicans in charge ignored it. Elijah is right about community building

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