March 3, 2021


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America’s Great Threat – China

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33 thoughts on “America’s Great Threat – China

  1. Thank you, Mr Patrick Bet David for your honest-talking-of-events manner of speaking¸ you speak truth-to-power in a way that respects both sides. That is rare. Pat, whatever they are going to say about you when you are called for higher purpose, one thing is crystal clear: you speak from your heart; you try to help your fellow man; you only want the best for everyone in your entourage and your adopted country. And the world will forever be indebted to your kind heart. Thank you, Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) North for your life-long effort to get your country on the right path. I am coming in at 6:10 in the interview for one reason. Your comment on China and saying President Biden’s son Hunter should be consulted is a hit below the belt and you know it. If you have to blame the American’s President’s son for what the problems are with China, in all due respect Lieutenant Colonel North, that shows you’re shooting blanks. Let’s get real here; China should be lauded for its incredible ascent towards whatever goals it has. America should reverse policy and help China achieve whatever it desires to achieve. Why do I say this? Because, China will do the same to America. Destiny has one rule: whoever makes it to the top of the heap is going to rule the roost. It's an opinion-

  2. hey what about your US country big medical lab Fort District in Maryland? before covid 19 happened you guy silently shutted it down, also US FDA had found that you people already had covid 19 antibody before the pandemic outbreak? and why did your idiot prsident Trump all of the sudden removed US from WHO? did you guys have anything big and ugly to hide?

  3. AMERICA'S GREATEST THREAT IS ISRAEL. For decades America spent resources fighting for Israeli Interests in the middle east leaving Asia wide open for China to rise to power. Nancy Pelosi openly stated that even if the US Capital crumpled to the ground, the US aid to Israel would not stop.

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