June 17, 2021


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Amy Chua: Yale students tried to cancel me for imaginary dinner parties

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Freddie Sayers speaks to Amy Chua. Full interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0j93zjLyMc&t=1579s #yale #cancelled #tigermom.


42 thoughts on “Amy Chua: Yale students tried to cancel me for imaginary dinner parties

  1. eople don't seem to realize how serious Fauci's emails leaks really is………-It has come out that Fauci funded the Wuhan Lab through the company EcoHealth Alliance to deliberately confuse where the funds went. – it's public knowledge now that he funded the research of dangerous Gain of Function viruses – and we now know the Covid virus came from the Wuhan Lab and that it is a Gain of Function virus. Funds are not sent haphazardly – funding goes for a specific purpose . That means Fauci funded and gave orders / agreed to allow the invention of the Covid Sars 2 virus . The blame for this whole Covid pandemic falls on Fauci – if he hadn't agreed and allowed it's creation ,then funded it as well , it would never exist.

  2. What has happened with the odd professional discretion here and there? Everything goes on Twitter nowadays and honestly it is like a playground of children and not full grown ups.

  3. It just shows you how effed up these universities have become that someone as
    intelligent and intellectually honest as Amy would get a 3rd degree interrogation
    over something as trivial as this.

  4. Crazy that the people attacking her think that they're open minded… and support women… and support minorities….and think that they are loving and kind….and think they know science…..SO GLAD I GOT OUT OF THE WOKE CULT.

    Growing up in Portland I just absorbed the nonsense and thankfully have recently realized that once I actually thought deeply about all these "good" ideas, and with a truly open mind, that they do not makes sense and in fact are directly opposed to the ideals that they supposedly are for….scary stuff.

    Unfortunately this all has really damaged the reputation of colleges and I think less and less people will be choosing to spend their money on this "advanced" "education". If you were to utilize them, really just go for something very practical and try to get in and out fast (though even biology and math are not immune to the new theories) or just forgo it all together.
    You can put that $ towards a trade school or something beside college because for now because, even the best schools are absorbing this trash and will have your kid coming out questioning if up is actually really down and if you don't agree than their feeling are simply too hurt and wow that's really a big problem for them now…

  5. Years ago, I did a research project for Harvard. It was a small study on a local anesthetic. I was not payed anything for the study, but did get a trip to Cambridge to present my findings. During my presentation I honestly stated that, as the surgeon, I could tell which formulation I was using of the two – experimental and standard anesthetic, because of the level vasoconstrictor was different in each. This horrified the Harvard audience and they felt my results were corrupted. Of course the drug company whose experimental formulation I was using followed my recommendations to improve their drug to the letter, and has since marketed the drug successfully for $ millions since then. Harvard, on the other hand, never asked me to do a research project for them since. That's science for ya.

  6. Interesting is that Amy Chua may view herself as of Chinese culture and understands the confucian thinking, but in truth she is a "calvinist" American, and her smartness and aggressiveness makes her easy to envy but hard to love. Freddi, you are actually more Confucian than she is😊. You asked the right question: couldn't it be better off to talk less about all these racial issues? Yes! But she wouldn't and she couldn't, for keeping a loud voice is her way of making money and feel self-fullfilled. Confucius said,物极必反, when pushed too to extreme, things rebound. Confucian teaching to the ruling class is and will always be the upholding of the golden mean and apply force only when force is needed. Being an ABC (American born Chinese) is very hard, because they are Asian in appearance but uber-American in substance. Uber means over, for they (feel they) have to prove something and climb onto the social class which their parents dreamed of. Know thyself — that's the word of wisdom in both East and West. Because I am Chinese, I would say, we Chinese disown her, and we Chinese Moms are NO more Tiger than Jewish Moms and caring mothers from other cultures. 这里还有其他中国人吗? 你们怎么看, 同意我的观点? 👩‍🎤

  7. Both Yale and Harvard should have their academic credentials revoked. Yale and Harvard do not provide good honest education. And everyone knows it.

  8. Liberals are the most racist people you can meet. They are also the most underhanded deceitful people…they will attack your reputation anonymously with no regard for truth. Disgusting batch of losers.

  9. There is nothing even remotely likable about Amy Chua. An extremely rich woman married to an extremely rich man bitching about how "hard it is for Asians right now." Oh right! Is that why all of you are ruining California, buying all the properties, destroying the middle class Anglosphere? Your people have no sense of the western Anglo middle class. You are mind boggling authoritarians of the highest order.

  10. Respect for Amy Chua.
    She wants to be part of the solution, not part of the problem and she is getting attacked for it. So much influence from all sides, that prevents honest debates outside of the shadows.

  11. its not really implicit if they are openly targeting you with a smear campaign made of of obvious lies (exactly what they did to kavanaugh – who is not asian.)

  12. So perhaps it would be helpful if the students who maliciously attacked a member of staff, were held to account and expelled from the University. They behave like children without boundaries.

    I wonder if you can sue your university for failure to protect you re: health and well-being and this might help them to understand their responsibilities as an employer.

    I know, dreams LOL

  13. She IS a professor on a college campus. Her approach is the way all professors USED to teach their classes. It wasn't that long ago that I graduated. I am horrified at what is going on right now.

  14. Always do your own fact checking. Apparently this all stemmed from an earlier confidential agreement between Chua and Yale having to do with her excessive drinking with students, I.e. heavy drinking. The “dinner parties” were not offered as bad in of themselves but as violations of that agreement. Now I don’t know or care much about Yale Law, but I had high hopes for Unherd. This video series needs a better editor.

  15. A professor who allows students of different political positions to attend the same class, she must be cancelled, freedom of speech is no longer acceptable in America. BTW is this not the same university that a professor teaches students that her most cherish dream is to kill white people (including her patients), I guess that type of speech is still acceptable at Yale.

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