April 23, 2021


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Andy Schectman – Silver is the Buying Opportunity of a Generation

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27 thoughts on “Andy Schectman – Silver is the Buying Opportunity of a Generation

  1. Imagine if you will… a few short years from now when industrial demand worldwide increases an additional 8-15%+? With an already tight market NOW, when will the fake paper market breaK?! Could even be this year. I'm on board since last year, and am still buying towards the breaking of that market soon. 70:1? Try a price that well exceeds the 8:1 mining rate when more people want silver because it is more sought after than gold for it's increasing scarcity vs gold. Cheers.

  2. Gold and silver are real money and value. No matter what a government says the value of gold and silver decide it's own value. Man made fiat eventually is valued in terms of gold and silver. If gold is valued at $15,000 per oz in US Dollars? Does not mean Gold went up as much as USD dropped in real value. Just the way I look at it.

  3. Sorry, Andy, but Silver at $24 plus a $7 dollar premium is NOT the buying opportunity of a generation. The buying opportunity was when Silver was $13 and $3 premium, which is when I loaded up!

  4. You go long at contract rollover?
    I stopped buying 'cause : premiums.
    There's gonna be a lot of silver bag holders.

  5. you guys (PM dealers) do buybacks (of 1 oz silver coins) almost at spot and resell it with $$8-$11-$13 mark up. Volatility is on your side . Perceived shortage is on your side. You are not impartial in this call – you are the scalpers.
    If you were genuine retail "helpers", you would split the markup 50:50 or close to it between buyback and resell price , instead of making it 10:90 or 20:80 to your advantage. Lets be honest instead of portraying yourself as the retail supporters. Interesting , that the call for "buy of generation" was not there when silver spot was $17, but it is at $25-$30 range. The higher the price, the higher the markup, of which 90 % goes to your pockets. Everybody has to make a buck, but at least talk openly about your thirst for profitability. This is Selling Opportunity for Generation for PM Dealers.

  6. Thank you warriors of truth….soo grateful I woke up to the squeeze at the end of Jan. 2021! I've been stacking as much as I can, every week since.
    Market crash is coming…banksters are too! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  7. Andy Schectman is a truth teller and is clearly exposing the criminal cartel of the COMEX, CFTC, Bullion Banksters, Central Banks and the Government. Precious metals have been manipulated since the 1970s and it is worse now than ever. We are witnessing the greatest theft of wealth from the people of the world ever! If the people in the USA and throughout the world would wake up and see what these criminals are doing, these nefarious groups would be arrested and prosecuted for their crimes or killed outright.

  8. So I'm confused… and I'm not trying to be a jerk (although it does tend to come naturally, lol!): Andy claims Miles Franklin is one of only "27 authorized US Mint resellers" (approx. 3:50 in)… yet on the US Mint site I see them listed as a company neither "affiliated with, nor are they official dealers of the US Mint" (the Mint's own words). And I stopped counting after 60 companies… which was maybe 1/4 of the way in. I hear Andy make this claim often. And I like to 'do my homework' in this day and age. Where can I get this '27' figure, Andy? Thanks in advance, Patrick, for forwarding my question to Andy. Again, I'm metal to the bone. Just born a skeptic I guess. I love SBTV, I'm subscribed, and do try to be a positive part of our precious metals community.

  9. Metals seller encourages people to buy his product… gee if I'm selling water.. I will convince you your thirsty. Stop hurting people gambling on a product that has done nothing but lose capital. I'm a holder of metals. So any jerks who say I don't understand precious metals… Can f- off. I understand too damn well by experience

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