32 thoughts on “Anonymous – Message to the Citizens of the World”
  1. This is an excellent video! Thanks you so much ! These are great words! This is a great message. My name is Roman, I'm from Russia, from the Moscow region. Your words really support me!
    I will send this video to my friends!!

  2. He reminds me of Joseph Seed in Far Cry 5. The only way to reinvent the the system to a world where there could be permanent peace if such a thing is possible or even desirable is to actually cleanse the world and hope for non corrupt, greedy, evil minds won’t emerge to lead the world after the destructive cleansing of the earth.

  3. not joining but i believe in freedom a life when the people control the government where we choose what happens that way we all live equal no one gets more power than each other a life where no one gets a free pass for murder because they have a badge freedom is what i want but equal and fair not what it is now the world and my country deserve better all the governments are corrupt and unorganized i want better

  4. You have a choice. You still have a choice in the world. You can choose to live your life in hate. Destroying things in your path. Or you can create, build and love. We can't keep fighting from both sides of the fence. We need to work together. Forget about our differences and embrace our similarities.

  5. My dream is for all people to have more honor. If one persone does their job it shouldn't be for themselves but to help others, the reason of why I say this is because one of my teachers to me is a real hero instead of letting someone else help me with a false caring attitude she choose to help me and others who needed help more then anything giving great advice with a smile. That is one of the qualitys of a good person.

  6. I love the video and believe it but we aren't the future we are the present and we need to change now and do good things now and everyday is history and history will continue everyday.

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