October 23, 2021


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‘Anti-Greta’ interview | Climate change nightmares haunt children

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44 thoughts on “‘Anti-Greta’ interview | Climate change nightmares haunt children

  1. Climate Change did not happen for "millions" of years but about 6000 years. Humanity has started about 6000 years ago and before that nobody ever recorded or even just been able to guess what was there but void and darkness. God, designer and creator of the living created everything for us about 6000 years ago. Whosoever teaches otherwise is a deceiver.

  2. Naomi. Perhaps it would be helpful for you to emphasise the positive benefits of CO2. Satellite pictures show that the small increase in CO2 levels has resulted in a noticeable greening of the planet. CO2 is the plant food of life, that's why plant nurseries put it in their greenhouses. If CO2 levels dropped significantly plants (including crops) would begin to die, particularly damaging poorer countries.

  3. Its about not freaking out the children with trigger data, like with the election of Trump, not my first choice as president but after the election many parents had frighten their children so much that notices were sent from daughter grade school that children were very worried, some emotionally disturbed to the point of being too sick to do their school work… that indicates extremely poor parenting, injecting adult worries and fright into their children… big media outlets are driving this hysteria for corporate political purposes… its a shame, it slows cultural and social advancement. Same with climate control and racism issues, whipping hysteria into the part of the herd that susceptible to false or manipulative trigger data.

  4. I had a weird experience with Gretta who I found strange because I never gave a girl a facial before, especially 1L of love juice and environmentalists, so what does it have to do with the environment? please tell me people

  5. Again this H2O in atmosphere increases with global warming. This may be because increment of man made CO2 and CFC. Or what would you purpose?
    Can we just wash our hands by being aside, keeping some island countries like SRILANKA, Maldives, Indonesian islands etc to dip under ocean by rising sea level.??
    Its time to think about all the world without being selfish to earn giant economies ?

  6. Seibt is member of "JUNGE ALTERNATIVE", which was declared as "anti-constitutional" and "right-wing extremist group" (Wikipedia) by the German Defense of Constitution. She is sponsored by "Heartland Institute". Wikipedia: "The Institute conducts work on issues including education reform, government spending, taxation, healthcare, tobacco policy, global warming, hydraulic fracturing …(,…) In the 1990s, the Heartland Institute worked with the tobacco company Philip Morris to attempt to discredit the health risks (…) and to lobby against smoking bans. Since the 2000s, the Heartland Institute has been a leading promoter of climate change denial." Heatland Institute was mainly funded by tobacco, oil-, coal- and gas Companies and politically conservative foundations connected to these industries.

  7. AHHHahaha! What a disaster for the bankrupt Heartland Institute. Naomi's mom Karoline is an attorney who works with Alternative für Deutschland, Germany's far-right nationalist party with ties to neo-Nazis. Ms. Seibt's American rightwing debut, at a CPAC sideshow promoting Our Bright Coal-Choked Future, was marred by the news that she has her own far-right baggage. Seibt took part in a YouTube discussion following a deadly attack on a synagogue in October, in which she had some thoughts about how Jews get way too much sympathy in Germany. She also explained she's a great big fan of Canadian wingnut race-baiter and manosphere hero Stephan Molyneux, whom she considers an "inspiration." So all in all, not a good roll-out for the Anti-Greta.

  8. I think RT and Fox news channels are World most dumbest news channel I ever seen. These 2 news channels are most corrupt news channels also.. They are ? of corrupt politicians and leaders…..

  9. This is a cycler event based on increased universal frequency, humans must take minor responsibility however this is way beyond our control.All life forms must change to accommodate this new higher Frequency.

  10. The activist here tells us that, yes CO2 does create warming conditions by very little. Good. Got that right. By how much? "Does not say." What amount creates how much warmth? "Does not say." Says water is a stronger green house gas. Good. Correct.
    Let's toss out the science "models" created on computers that she chooses to ignore. Let us use logic only. Here it goes:
    Why is there so much water in the atmosphere? Because it is evaporating.
    From where? The oceans.
    Why? The oceans are heating up.
    Why? Because green house gases.
    Are all the gases water vapour? No. Some are carbon dioxide.
    Which of the greenhouse gases are being released more and more; Is it water? No. Water is a firm quantity and only amounts increase in volcanic eruptions..
    Carbon dioxide is a stored quantity, yes? Yes.
    Stored where? In oil, gas and plants.
    Are we having more volcanic eruptions than usual? No.
    Are we burning more and more oil, gas and coal? Yes.
    Which greenhouse gas is getting released more? Answer: Carbon dioxide being released from fossil fuel use. Not water vapour from oceans which increases AFTER being heated up. You can only release carbon dioxide AFTER burning it out of the fuel molecule.
    And according to Ms Seibt, without oil and gas we lose electricity. We need electricity. Notice in the interview how she suddenly stumbles with that logic. Ms Seibt, Google in wind farms, solar panel farms, tidal power stations. You will be amazed at the alternatives. Her only answer was go nuclear. Yeah right. Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Fukushima. Those ring a bell? Google those. How are those nuclear sites doing right now?
    End of debate using Naomi Seibt logic.

  11. It's not climate change; this is God trying to get your attention. He is going to distroy the earth because of sin. Jesus is returning soon to get his children. Jesuswill return from the clouds on a white horse with his army. Repent; accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour. Everything that is happening has been prophesied in the bible including ww3 that is coming. In the end every knee will bow.

  12. Corporations that profit millions turning the planet as giant swamp had to come up with a brainwashed child to say what they need : "Look to the other way, we must continue to have profit"

  13. The other thing besides the environment that causes people panic is white nationalism. It's hilarious that the United States is paying to import anti-environment alt-right influencers to speak to old men at CPAC.

  14. Here's a fact that the hysterical climate alarmists should ponder: scientists agree that the planet outgasses a total of 770 gigatons of CO2 every year through natural proceses such as volcanic eruptions, yet human activity produces only 29 gigatons of CO2 annually. So the planet itself is clearly the main source of CO2, yet we are all fraudently forced to pay carbon tax for something for which we are not responsible.

  15. She's cute but mildly stupid. To assign CO2 to water vapour and many similar gaffés…Our epoch is called ANTHROPOcene for a reason. Human activity now changing planet FASTER than it would happen naturally. Humans move more soil than all the rivers combined,etc….

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