May 12, 2021


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23 thoughts on “Apple vs Facebook – The Great Privacy Fight

  1. This isn't Apple's humanitarian effort to protect privacy. They're simply capitalizing on privacy while it's scarce to capture more of the device market share, solidifying their position as our gatekeeper for all things digital. That's terrifying.

  2. Apple did a great thing. The world has become very transparent and privacy has just about gone with out mobile devises. Apple has given us a choice. I thank them for this.

  3. I don't like apple but really appreciate for doing this. People have rights to know and choose what they want to share. Its also shows what facebook has been doing to its users until now. Only a matter of time before android copy this.

  4. So I really think this could go two ways. There’s a lot of comments here about this signalling the death of Facebook. However, this move could actually end up hurting Apple in the long run. Many app developers depend on targeted advertising revenue so that they can offer their product “for free”. Without the advertising revenue we may see a world where apps are paid for on iOS but free on Android. The unaware consumer would obviously pick Android.

  5. Facebook collects EVERYTHING about people because it was initially funded by the CIA. The CIA got in big trouble by the public for spying on its own people so they were forced to quit…. But, they thought of a way to spy on people without bringing attention to themselves by way of funding the start up of Facebook. And they chose a geek with an ugly long misshapen head with zero integrity to do it.

  6. On the other side, having irrelevant advertising everywhere would not help anyone. But I agree we should expect what can be advertised, and what not. I guess we all had experiences, when after some conversations, activities we saw pretty weird, unpleasant ads, that is too much.

    Having low amount of high quality advertisement, would improve the web. Why on earth there are still youtube videos and website with more than one ad?

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