June 17, 2021


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Apple Wants Consumers To Know Their Data is Safe?

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44 thoughts on “Apple Wants Consumers To Know Their Data is Safe?

  1. always cancel face id before you open unlock the phone . lastly if you change place like say from usa to canada ? turn off the phone . then turn off face id . its annoying ? yes

  2. face reognition ? ya i turned that off recently . its in your face there is process but once you ve done the process just select cancel and your face is not tracked anymore

  3. ask once is an awsome feature ! but again this is a long process and its not supported by everything . i did ask apple to add ask once to something recently . we ll see if they will do it

  4. No internet except on my prepaid phone, no cable tv, no Alexa, nothing that can track me, when I go out I leave the phone home. Vehicle is also not computerized………

  5. "Apple Wants Consumers To Know Their Data is Safe?"
    Is that why I got an email from apple saying my I-Cloud account may have been compromised????
    One little problem. I have boycotted ANYTHING Apple since I started computing in 1997. No MAC, NO I-Phone, No Cloud…No Nothing Apple period.

  6. Why does "our" data and info always get hacked, but never the CEO's?
    I suggest we demand the use of their security or we just won't buy or use their products anymore!

  7. I guaran-dang-tee (a little Southern lingo) you that I don't want any technology to know what I'm thinking. I'd be in a FEMA camp so fast it would make your proverbial head spin …

  8. So long as apple's chips are made in China your privacy will never exist on any of their products. There is also the fact that those phones everyone is so addicted to they can't even go to the washroom without them (which is totally gross) they tract your every move.
    Today's politicians just can't accept that any of your privacy is not fully and readily available to them to use against you. That is exactly what the vaccine pass ports are about.

  9. I feel completely safe but I do get scam phone calls frequently saying that my Apple account has some suspicious activity on it. I never given them any information, but I know others are getting this same call. Someone is going to take it seriously.

  10. Your data is never secure. I’ve had my data stolen from Home Depot, target, chase, Marriott International, Sba, Verizon, the DOJ and a couple more. It should be illegal for these companies to store anything. Love the letter, we are sorry for the data breach. To help you for our F up we will give you two years of credit monitoring. Even though this will haunt you for the rest of your life.
    I’ve been the victim of identity theft because of that and I have to have my credit frozen to prevent me from renting apartment, buying phones and cars. Didn’t even know I had a job at a meat processing plant in Guymon Oklahoma till I filed my taxes one year and the irs wanted to know about all this income I did not report that was w2 to me.

  11. With that BCI stuff.. they could be using it already. For example, at the store I didn't have my phone on me and I was deciding between two brands. I chose brand a after staring at brand b for so long. Then an hour later I got an ad for brand b. The specific thing I was just looking at. Maybe my phone read my mind, or maybe the credit card company sold my data to Google, and just happened to choose that product. It happened a second time with a specific product, and I hate it. It's just too freaky.

  12. I heard an interview with a Google exec and he was asked if “they were listening”. He said something like “maybe but we don’t have to”. They have advanced algorithms that predict human behavior and can influence your thought patterns by plugging the information they gather on you into the algorithm and predicting what you MIGHT want/be interested in in the next few months.

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