14 thoughts on “April Livestream Q&A”
  1. I have a feeling some of Andreas' private key's can only be revealed once a year for 3 minutes during some celestial alignment, by calculating the area of the shadow of the sun somewhere on a beach in Nauru.

  2. Hey there, thank you for the video! One suggestion: It would be a great value, if you could write down the questions that you answer with the correspondent time stamps. This way I cn search for the topics that interest me instead of watching an almost two hour video, which is quite a commitment. What do you think? Thank you

  3. Andreas, my question is when the 4 million bitcoins, that are presumably lost, are priced into the remaining 14 million or so, its shows that bitcoin's fair market value us drastically undervalued. Why us no one speaking about this fact? I mean, I understand that the market gets to buy this "asset" at a depressed price, I get that, but still shouldn't people know they should be appreciating these prices more than they seem to bo…? Just wondering.

  4. One good example of atomic swap is the jelly swap exchange. To avoid people putting in free options you have to complete the swap in 20 minutes and if you do not your funds are locked for 24 hours before you can get your refund

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