March 5, 2021


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Are Belarus and Russia parting ways?

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38 thoughts on “Are Belarus and Russia parting ways?

  1. This isn't true. Belarus isnt buying oil from the US. Stop trying to spread lies. Russia is justbwsnting things to go wrong which always happened with mercs and shirt

  2. Belarus is barely it's own nation. Why do you lie? Belarus is pretty much a province of russia. They have to do whatever russia says. If they dont their leader will be removed and russian troops will walk in. They have a treaty that allows russian troops to move into Belarus at any time the nation is unstable. Not that russian soldiers would stabilize it.

  3. Both EU and Russia have their economic regions with benefits if your country is part of their economic block. Belarus wants the best of both and but do not want any of the negatives.
    Both EU and Russia are telling them you can not be half in with both side so pick your side and all rules apply. Neither EU or Russia is budging but both sides want them. That is the cause of all issues.

  4. Credit for making a video on BELARUS, but it was very inaccurate on major tendencies of Belarus. Who could have though that events of this month will highlight obvious facts. Lukashenko's apparent flirting with west was nothing more than attempt to leverage in negotiations with Putin for new loans. Lukashenko's confirmed his core values when he is pressed – Moscovie and authoritarianism.

  5. Poland is recognisably supporting the political momentum that is currently taking place in Belarus. It's great indeed to see people awakened. няхай жыве вольная Беларусь!

  6. "Polish soft power" will become "polish no power" in 24hrs if Russia decides so. So dear Polish nationalists, sit tight and fix your own problems and stop trying to play geo- politics.

  7. Putin is being more restrained in granting help to the Lukashenko regime, right now during the massive 2020 Belarus protests. Of course Russia wouldn’t like Belarus under the influence of the EU and NATO, but the late attacks of Lukashenko towards it’s eastern neighbor are now putting him in a delicate position. Let’s see what’s happens. History is being made.

  8. After Ukraines revolution in 2014 it was crystal clear Belarus would be the next and after Belarus falls to the west it will be Russias turn. Its like a domino with the first stone falling right after Soviet Union disapeared. Russia only saved a little bit of time before they again would be fully surrounded and isolated. Putin just like during Ukraines crisis doesnt have any good choices. Doing nothing and potentially let Lukashenko be removed from power and thus letting Belarus fall to the western sphere would be seen like a deathblow to Russia but also helping Lukashenko stay in power would antagonize the neutral/pro Russian population of Belarus against them. Its interesting what Putin will choose and to be honest no matter his choice the risks of every single move could potentially have devastating long term results for the Belarus-Russian relationship.

  9. Dear laymen! Remember Ukraine with its revolution and the Maidan. what is there now? The population is declining, land is being sold, President Clown is in the hands of the Oligarchs. War in Donbass. Did Belarus deserve this? NOT. And Russia is not in this business. But soon the world will learn more about the Slavs than you see on TV.

  10. It is important for Europe to come together and encourage the sovereignty and self-determination of the Belarusian people. Lukushenko must step down peacefully and a new election should be held with FULL international inspections in place to verify the vote.

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