It is a fact our ancestors used to eat very differently from us.

Bread, for example, a very common food today, was made by hand in the old days. But now, many families find it more convenient to buy bread at the supermarket.

What most people don’t know, however, is that these foods are full of preservatives.

Do you know what preservatives are, and what types of it there are?

Today we will talk about the food preservatives that you should avoid.

Food preservatives are chemical substances that can be either natural or synthetics, and, are added to a product, in this case a food to extend its shelf life, protecting it from bacteria, fungi, yeast, and other kinds of organisms or chemical reactions that may turn the food improper for consumption.

The use of food preservatives is common, and that’s why we don’t pay much attention to it.

But, if you get into the habit of reading labels, you will notice it!

Even though they are, now, something common, there are some substances found in food preservatives that are harmful to our health, and can cause allergies, gastric issues, and even cancer.

Some studies have concluded that the artificial preservatives used in many processed foods possibly increase the risk of inflammatory diseases, metabolic disturbances and obesity.

The same preservatives that affect microorganisms can also affect human health.

If you are going to consume them, do it with moderation!



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