39 thoughts on “Are There Lockdown Protests? – Questions For Corbett”
  1. Good they need to grow and grow until we take back every country and then the world! We need to grow so large we can pull all these evil elitist out of their mansions and make them answer for their crimes against humanity! Start with the rothschilds and then gates!

  2. Could you please do a show on wether there was an agenda to minimalise women in history at some point. It seems they were prominent in many cultures during many different periods where are they? Does this have something to do with womens reproductive rights? If so is this connected to Covid and Bill gates population agenda? I don't see why contraception in 3rd world countries is not encouraged (through education) in men? Not enforced on women (possibly) without their knowledge, ie patch.

  3. FB banned groups & event pages for organizing protests per request of state governments! And of course it’s for ‘safety’ & anything that goes against the government orders & the WHO is being banned from all big social media ‘platforms’ aka govt sponsored propaganda publishers. Its a disgrace & terrifying. As a Michigander under the boot of Whitmer’s tyranny she has attacked every protester & even used it as an excuse to illegally ‘decree’ the lockdown be extended. I hope people keep fighting back. Im proud of my fellow Michiganders who continue to protest & that helped spark protests across the country. Stay strong!

  4. Corbett; put your skin back into the game; come back to the USA instead of sitting on a pedestal all snooty in Japan, then maybe I’ll take you seriously

  5. Could you please do an update on the protests? It would be interesting to see if it is increasing.

    Recently when I searched google for protests, it mostly showed me the "nurse who stood defiantly" against the protesters. LMAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Rejoice! I'm in Vancouver and you've seen nothing, people are coming out in mass droves, there are waves of people going to beaches, parks and the city. People are talking about the new world order, we know what's going on. We still have a bit to go but the numbers are multiplying! And this is Vancouver, people often think we're pro government but we know something's up and we ain't drinking the kool aid!

    When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes obligation- Thomas Jefferson
    19 hours ago

  7. Love Corbet for years now and I’m not discrediting his work but I’m thinking that if govts were doing the complete opposite and allowing business as usual during virus the Corbet videos would revolve around how theyre actually letting us infect each other for the goal of population reduction. Jus sayin lol

  8. It's not a lockdown, it's a lockup. When we protest we're asking for their permission to free us. We are proving that we have accepted our enslavement. Why don't we as free men just go back to work? What can they do, throw us all in cages? WE hold the power. Wake up people. .

  9. I think we should have barbeques and garden parties. Invite everyone, including the sheriff, mayor, chief of police. Seems like a reasonable for of protest under the circumstances.

  10. One other thing. Your that deep in your thinking it is not even possible to see the "not lockdown project" in Great Britan. Check out whats going on there. Its catching up very fast the highest rates of Italy. Wish a lot of luck by opening Las Vegas soon. Hope the world will cage you in your own borders if you have no acceptabe figures to show.

  11. I'm so happy living in a country who has a safetynet which pay people and a healthcaresystem who pays medical bills. No additional Food Banks needed. Not like the most developed county. Also funny ist that you, unfortunately also some in Europe, put they're own freedom over the freedom of others. Putting the right of personal freedom over the right of health. A real far-right talking point. Do you realise that you live in a third world country?

  12. Its funny how cops get credit for being out there on the front lines risking their lives during the plandemic. im out there all the time and they dont even get out of their cars so dont worry they are deathly afraid of getting a flu so you can go 60 in a 25 and you will not be getting pulled over

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