February 27, 2021


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44 thoughts on “Are you guilty?

  1. I think they have a point. Think of the billions of dollars spent on skin whitening products and hair pieces that BAMES use to look less BAME and more white. Surely its reasonable that whites should reciprocate? I am surely going to take a leaf out of the Canadian Prime Ministers book to become less white. And purely out of respect for our BAME colleagues, have purchased a tin of boot polish with which to go black face in solidarity with BAMES this very week.

  2. Howdy from the Frozen Heartland of America. I do not agree with this Marxist Woke PC BS. I do feel I'm not better because I am white. I don't feel better at all. I to embrace Dr. Kings Message. Judge a man by his actions and not his color. It seems to me BLM has cast aside Dr. Kings Message of Hope. They seem to want to embrace racism. They just want to sow chaos. I also embrace the plea of another King. Rodney King, "Can't we just get along"? Thanks, for you standing with us sane folks here in the USA. For now Over and Out.

  3. Lyle Taylor is a wise man for picking that up all on his own. If only more people could see BLM through that lens. The issue with their movement isn’t the supporting of Black lives (Every human life matters), it is the Radical, Marxist agenda that they push that in turn only creates more division when we are supposed to be uniting. And isn’t it funny that they only appear around the time of a major election or major event to stir the pot and disappear not long after? That is no coincidence.

  4. Why should Whites be Guilty….? The whole World was operated using slaves. Until the Emancipation movements set slaves free (in predominantly White nations)…..Meantime Slavery continued, and still does in many predominantly Non-White countries….Please explain why White Nations should feel guilty for being FIRST to set slaves free……

  5. BLM movement is running out of steam. Supporters are turning away from sport if any of the team kneels for the nonsense racist movement. Enough is enough.
    Thank you Nigel for enlightening me, regarding Coca Cola – I will be drinking 7UP from now on!

  6. why do we (white) ppl feel so afraid to talk about social equality and the wish to make racial equality equal after all the history? i dont understand why we are fighting? we are doing this but constantly reminded of the past? yet we are trying to make the past correct.

  7. If you feel ashamed of your ancestry, whatever ancestry that is then I really do feel sorry for you. This will only divide us further

  8. Is it my imagination or what but people from the continent of Asia do not seem to find it necessary to blame their “victim hood” on “white oppression” or “white privilege” for any misfortune that may have endured at some point in their lives? Asian people show a lot more determination to knuckle down and get on with life and not blame others if things don’t quite work out.

  9. Times are tough in uk and across all parts of the world, absolutely everyone needs to pull together and stop the lunacy of these corporate or political bullies dividing society and stop listening to the hard left loonies / do gooders/ ideologies and so on.

  10. Nigel, sorry, it's not coming from America to Britain, it has come to both American and Britain from the same source: China. The division is deliberate: the communists want to set whites and blacks against each other, as well as various other people in the West against each other; it is intended to create that sort of indignant reaction in whites. Because they want to weaken us all in the West by setting everyone against everyone. And China's communist shills are everywhere, dismantling our Western nations on purpose.


  12. I wonder if Martin Luther King would have wanted the TV Advert family to be be a multi-racial melting pot as STANDARD?. It is being pushed to the point of hilarious predictability. But not funny. And yes, some of my friends and family do not have the same outward appearance as me and my mum and dad. The left are walking a dangerous line.

  13. Actions such as you have described with respect to Coca Cola seem to be racist and an offence against the local racial equality laws.
    If people bring those cases to the courts then will the judges judge fairly? Or, will they AGAIN follow the socialist party line and find an excuse not to judge them fairly?
    Geoff. Reeks

  14. The reason the left became powerful is because they realized their weren`t enough stupid people to vote for them so they appealed to every minority they could find. The right did itself no favours by alienating a lot of minorities. I think what the right needs to do is delegislate moral issues. Take abortion for example, they could say to the doctors and the women, sort it out yourselves and God, rather than the state will be your judge.

  15. Wishful thinking, Nigel. A good example is the use of a black actress to play Anne Boleyn. This is political correctness in the extreme with the PC brigade trying to change English history. This sucking up to ethnics has got to stop otherwise the sole achievement will be to turn all the indigenous British public into racists.

  16. We must expose allcommunist crimes throughout the history,put all people's name and their familie's names out there to .Ake everybody aware mainly the young ones about those psychopaths criminal people and their organizations and take all communists Zionists globalists to death penalty for crimes against mankind.

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