October 17, 2021


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Arizona Gov. Ducey Declares State of Emergency Over Border Crisis and SLAMS Biden for Creating It

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29 thoughts on “Arizona Gov. Ducey Declares State of Emergency Over Border Crisis and SLAMS Biden for Creating It

  1. Governor Ducey is an idiot, he has time to do this…. And send me child support forms. He didn't even audit his system before threatening to take my bank accounts. He needs to step down and give me my son back. Vote to fire Ducey

  2. That's right that's right get out the national guard protect our border them other countries will get the hint that they're not welcome here illegally I'm tired of my taxes going towards it you know them Democrats just want to raise our taxes anyway and no good Ying yangs lock them all up

  3. Douche has issues with authority. He didn’t respect Trump (my man!) nor does he have respect Biden (neither do I). He just needs to go back to the ice cream business.

  4. you got a lot of nerve to get up there n blame biden. yes its his fault, no doubt.. but you sir are a sry governor. you allowed biden to steal the election. you wanted him you got him. stupid !!

  5. Biden/Harris is a joke. They are puppets for the extreme left. Democrats used to be more moderate and sensible. Their policies are jeopardizing the future integrity of the USA. Trump 2024

  6. FINALLY!! EXCELLENT, and congratulations to the good people of Arizona for electing a sensible, thoughtful Governor, who hasn’t forgotten that he FIRST represents the people of the State of ARIZONA, not Oaxaca, or Sonora, or Jalisco– or Guatemala, Honduras, or Costa Rica for that matter… Our FEDERAL government has NOT made that distinction, and has clearly chosen to prioritize illegal aliens over American citizens, for both representation AND financial support.
    I’m glad the states are beginning to realize that if they don’t immediately grab hold of the power they wield to protect Americans, the federal government will sell the states off to China one by one, as Joe Biden smiles and gets rich.
    The Democrat leadership is a clear and present danger to the liberty of Americans.

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