July 26, 2021


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“As bland as possible”: Derek Sloan on Erin O'Toole's Conservative policy convention

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30 thoughts on ““As bland as possible”: Derek Sloan on Erin O'Toole's Conservative policy convention

  1. Erin OTOOL is an obvious plant . the conservative party is liberal and the liberals are globalists and this shows getting overplayed . To bad the seat the PPC won magically vanished that night so there would be no hard questions .. too bad we didnt know about dominion then or it might have raised flags .. We better demand Blockchain voting here soon cause its obvious now more than ever

  2. I do not believe any longer O'Toole can win an election and my money is going to Bernier
    who still holds true to my conservative beliefs and principals.
    I want to keep my firearms, I want the insane carbon tax done away with.
    I want real and true support for the oil and gas industry in being able to
    get their product to a sea port and I want out of the Paris climate accord
    and any affiliation or association in any way from the world health organization and the united nations.
    I want fundamental rights for Canadians to own property and have it put into our charter of rights, and I want the
    right to be able to defend myself, my family and my property recognized and accepted by the courts
    and not be persecuted for doing so by the police.
    Instead of government printing money like there is no tomorrow, quit taxing Canadians to death, we can look after ourselves.
    If Mr. O'Toole were to do this and campaign on these fundamental principals, he would win a majority government

  3. We need a true conservative who can articulate conservatism if we're going to get rid of the Marxist-Leninist sitting in Ottawa right now. Most Canadians are wise to the Global Climate hoax.

  4. As a Conservative from Deif , my first time voting , to Mulruney to Harper . I cannot support O'Toole . I see more of the same old same old same old . Poilivere is the one c a mclean

  5. The Conservative party needs a conservative brand name to step into the leadership position before the next federal election. The party's current leadership and back room are dragging the party down a leftist path against the will of its members. Enough with politicians that don't believe in representing the base of the party – these are imposters!!!

  6. Just a thought and many questions: From my understanding, the Conservative leadership race was managed by Dominion voting machines. Did this have the effect of choosing a begotten somewhat weakest link leader to lead conservative values in Canada? He seems a faceless and malleable leader who bends easily toward the political left. Would hand counted ballots have created the same result? Or, is it that the Progressives' have control of the Conservative party in Canada? I'm not sure that the Honerable leader of the opposition would do anything different than what is already being done by the Liberals right now. Has the policy convention offered any real differences in policy? I'm not saying Erin O'Toole is incompetent to lead this Country. I wish him well. He is however, as uninspiring as Stanfield was against P.E. Trudeau. I'm just wondering if this is by design.

  7. I voted for the PC Party my entire adult life. And then they elected two pathetically embarrassing, tone deaf HYPOCRITES by the name of Scheer and O’Tool to lead the party! I will continue to vote PPC for as long as the ‘GOP-lite’ continues to blatantly ignore the will of their ENTIRE base just like the rest of my family chooses to do! #PPC2023

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