April 20, 2021


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Assange Update: Shocking Prison Conditions & Biden Admin Appeals Extradition Ruling

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46 thoughts on “Assange Update: Shocking Prison Conditions & Biden Admin Appeals Extradition Ruling

  1. Wegen Navalin der Russe verhängt die EU Sanktionen . Aber Julian will man so lange im Knast lassen bis er stirbt oder ? Wie verlogen ist das .? Lasst ihn frei , wenn ihr auch nur noch ein funken Anstand habt. Meine Meinung . Gruß 👽

  2. This is just so sad.. why can't they put him in a decent "safe home" until this is resolved. He does not deserve these inhumane conditions. From CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA.

  3. It does not matter the party in the White House, Congress, Courts. All parties are war criminals. Julian Assange conducted himself to be of high moral character. Bogus case is an abuse of process. Shame on America.

  4. The unjust persecution of Assange is a tragedy that we must fix. Even more important than Assange's freedom = We must stop the U.S. military industrial complex war crimes! This is the much bigger issue that Wikileaks helped to expose to the world. But it did not start with Wikileaks and will not stop with Wikileaks. The global peoples movement MUST stop the U.S. war crimes which have been and are still going on right now! Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden = ALL WAR CRIMINALS that must be brought to justice. This must be the primary focus, not just a defensive passive stance of Assange's freedom.

  5. All anyone and everyone ought to be repeating in uníson is to Focus on The Totally Illegal and U.S. UnConstitutional Polítical A – to – Z False Anti-Free Speech and Journalism International Criminalizing DeFacto besides also pointing out the sick collusion of the Journalism World And 1st World so-called nation-states of This Neo-Liberal Culmination Along with the nakedly brutal expansión of the Illegal State of Israel and Unabated U.S. Monroe Doctrine Latín Américas nation-states Wills of those Peoples ALL Intimately Worldwide CorporstoCrazily Ínter-related as Empire Global Reaps its M.A.D. Anti-EarthLife and lives Omnicidal EmpireVampireFINALE played in mianstream media as Return To Normalcy. Do Not in Any micro or macro sense honor to Any degree these Processes by analyzing as if in ANY Sense "Normal" or "Sustain Able" Any much more. Anyone would be rationally suicidal After what Julián Assange has been put through and has to Apparently look forward to no end of if Biden & World DisOrder has ITs Way. Except for covering the Shame less manner of CorporatoCrazy Ruled Government s handling of Covid-19, This Bad Flu Season Reportage is mianstream media further Rally Round The War on This Grab for more dumbeddown We The Peoples Parnam Y Circensus Extra Sideshow y Mega Billionaire Owner Class Biggest Reagan Revolution $Steal Yet.

  6. You people are surprised Biden administration want to appeal?! The entire Biden administration is a war mongering gang. Assange revealed war crimes of the war that Biden made his career on!

  7. Send a loud and clear message to your ministers, your government and any other stinky corrupted judge or official by stacking your stinkiest garbage all around parliament and their offices! Because they stink and no longer represent the people who elected them!

  8. For of darkness seeking n just letting selfs followers feed the knowing ty for of fear a shity weapon the outcome never benefits humanity for of sister Elizabeth for of brother Biden of Jesus Christ offered 3 choices yet humanity only seeing more abuse from the administration in power clearly not working the first choice of peace perhaps the second choice will grab your minds of Jesus Christ challenge of Babylon for both heartbeats or I mean both empires yet no this of Jesus feel a dream for of communication with self never woke up from the dream communication lost touch with consciousness for of waking up in a different time yet mother earth was gone the third choice ends all suffering warning we don't want to go there yet this is the path life only following for of before all life comes to an end give the second choice all 6 chakra a think for of only truth can stop darkness love all
    Ty for sharing my beautiful spirit much love from Canada 🌱🌳❤3

  9. Welcome to the corporate captured UK where real criminals are protected and those that dare to expose them end up in solitary confinement in a top security prison. The media that should have rallied round him instead shrill for their masters. We lost the most important war in history against corporate control and most people do not even know it happened. We live in occupied lands where the majority seem happy to do so. Vive la resistance.

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