July 26, 2021


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Assange's lawyer Jennifer Robinson: Case update & Biden administration Hypocrisy

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36 thoughts on “Assange's lawyer Jennifer Robinson: Case update & Biden administration Hypocrisy

  1. What I have noticed across Julian Assange Support Sites and even this YouTube Videos is that you can not copy and post this video everywhere! I would like to copy this video and post it all over social media but especially in the comments sections on Joe Biden, New York Times, LA Times, BBC and many more Facebook pages. I know I can share it on Facebook but I have noticed this trend, that most really good Assange Videos you can not copy and paste.
    We need to get this changed!

  2. Its literally the criminal's locking up a true journalist , the people should not stand for this ,thanks Jennifer, and God bless Julian and his family , this makes my blood boil

  3. Bravo and Thank you Jen Robinson for sticking with Julian along this long Terror Campaign of and by the U.S. Justice Department. You're my new super hero!

  4. the US government don't like people who tell the people the truth, it is damaging to their illegal and damaging control over humanity. they are guilty of more war crimes then we realize. Hunter Biden is guilty of far worse when will he pay for his crimes.

  5. It's ludicrous that such a great man is rotting in jail whilst these Scumbag monsters are roaming the planet…Hopefully good news for Jullian. Thanks for all your great actions to help free such a good man

  6. The US will do anything to keep him from the freedom he deserves. We are a spiteful and unforgiving nation. It pains me to say that but it’s true. And all I can say is shame on their key witness who I will not even acknowledge my name. Julian should be released with an apology and reparations.

  7. Since Trump/Pompeo set the extradition train rolling, the Dems are happy to go for a free ride. Sounds like the train is about to "zigi" off the tracks though. Hope it crashes and burns and Assange is freed at last.

  8. UK judges don't have to wait for any US decision to release Julian. In fact, US and UK are two parts of one state, like US and Israel. That's why these two crime brothers together have been keeping Julian behind the bars.

  9. surprised of the lack of protection for Mr .Assange from the New York Headquarters of the United Nations,, Some delegations underlined the need for the observance of the rule of law in the implementation of the Organization’s zero tolerance policy.

    Concerning the establishment of criminal jurisdiction over serious crimes committed by United Nations officials and experts on mission, most delegations noted that, although there had been progress on the matter, more needed to be done to ensure criminal accountability. Some delegations encouraged States to take the necessary steps to prosecute their nationals for any offence committed while on mission, if necessary by adapting their national legislation to include the active personality principle. rule of law escapes the Biden & there are larger sizes of butterfly nets for Biden , hopeful that the JIU will have a higher merit of past . Blackbird song 4 him and skies to freedom.

  10. I am so ashamed that this journalist has been imprisoned without charge for over 10 years by the country I am proud to be from. The british government are whores to the mighty American dollar, all of them.

  11. Ich hoffe einfach das dieser tapfere und mutige Mann frei kommt und seine Familie in die Arme schließen kann. Die USA, der "Werte Westen", haben total die moralische Spur verlassen.

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