June 17, 2021


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Attack Of The Drones (Military Documentary) | Real Stories

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35 thoughts on “Attack Of The Drones (Military Documentary) | Real Stories

  1. Taiwan definitely need MQ-9 REAPER Military Drone if getting rid of Xi Jinping (习近平) is their desired. Xi Jinping (习近平) may be gone without remainings of his body.

  2. The UAE is using them now to attack civilians in several regions of Ethiopia particularly in Tigray. Supporting the current dictator leader of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed. 35,000 people are displacing from their country to Sudan in three days. It's a shame the company who manufacturing those Drones is not taking any action to prevent this Genocide.

  3. Wow! Are we ever good at killing people in other Countries. Come to think of it, we're not to bad at murdering people right here at home, in the good old US. of A. What a great career.

  4. Being whoever and whatever we want means choice. It means that people can harm, people can be unloving. People think in their head of who they’d like to be and they march forwards being exactly that. It is options. It is the decision to be the good guy or the bad guy. You live to a code that you make, and choose to act in whichever way you see fit. The means by which this is done is discipline.
    The price we pay for being inauthentic is war, greed, terrorism.

    Being who we are doesnt mean choice.
    Being authentic and true to yourself doesnt give you a list of options to choose from, there is only one path. And that path is already forged. What makes you you is already there, you just have to live in accordance with it. Truthfulness is loving. People who are real are genuine. Authenticity in people guarentees a peaceful loving world, away from conflict and war and suffering, but the price we pay is that we dont have a say in it. We dont have a say in who we are.

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