February 25, 2021


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Australia is progressing to 'become the federation of socialist states'

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Sky News contributor Cory Bernardi says the mantra ‘governments should never let a good crisis go to waste’ has been “embraced by both sides of the political …


43 thoughts on “Australia is progressing to 'become the federation of socialist states'

  1. To be accountable for yourselves… you need to take responsibility for your own behaviour…and humans these days aren't willing to do that, because they wanna blame someone else for their SHIT LIFE.


  3. Less government. Take them to legal actins, make them pay out of their pockets. They over police our freedom . Same with the advising doctor your medical code of conduct has been breech by you. You over stepped your right by take away our freedom to use our our door life, such as keeping jobs, our private use of social life, using our sun and beaches. National parks, sitting and resting. Australian political powers have abused many Australian. We want our freedom back.

  4. Why doesn't a politician run on a antiglobalist, nationalist platform? Unfortunately the only way out of this shit is for states to leave and the globalists can have the rest
    Other states can join the new federation
    The other way is a coup, but i cant see that happening here.

  5. Where's crocodile Dundee show them your knife Australia I thought you people had bigger balls , you gave us AC/DC WTF! stand up and be free!! we love you from the USA!!!!!

  6. Don’t fool yourself. This green movement this globalism is directly from the Roman Vatican. Yes it’s biblical it’s biblical prophecy starting to come true. It’s the Vatican that wants to rule the world. It’s the Vatican that wants to suppress people it’s the Vatican that wants the world dependent on them. That’s how the Roman papacy the Vatican was in the dark ages from 538-1798. The Vatican has never changed. The Jesuit order is the military secret order behind the movement. Google the Jesuit oath. It will blow your mind because it reveals just how they want to dominate the world under the Vatican

  7. Cory mate get back on Parliament Hill and steer the Liberal Party back in the right direction. Yourself & Tony Abbott are where the Liberal Party should be.

  8. China has a noose around the neck of most of the Western world. China owns much of our food and much of our infrastructure. Sold out by treasonous politicians. The West depends on China for medicine and semiconductors, the latter vital for manufacturing. Two bottles of milk per customer, the bulk is sent to China. Ordered semiconductors on Ebay, 10 transistors per customer. Do you feel the noose tightening? You were warned about this more than 20 years ago, and your treasonous governments did nothing about it.

  9. On the tax vs welfare state issue, look back 70+ years, post WW2. Take notes from that era, to create full employment. That can only result in more tax payers and fewer tax/welfare recipients. Win win.

  10. Australia has always been a socialist state, just ask the corporations, but don't ask the people they will disagree.

    I'd be interested to know what Cory Bernardi's ideal Australia is, everything he says is about giving corporations more and people less. Do you want to tell us Cory ??

  11. They have to change the dole back, i have heard too many people say they are better off on it and are happy to get it. AND they are given MORE than pensioners who have long struggled with not being able to pay bills and disability costs etc

  12. 480 a week rent 600 month electricity 600 month gas 100 month water 3220 a month even before food is bought and as a carer my allowance is 1800 a month and my mothers is the same then we have phone and internet and fuel on top??? and you want to raise GST….. totally out of touch our politicians

  13. Start with Local Government. Remove the 150 local Govt's in WA, already there is billions of dollars available to the state. All the Mayors and CEO of these local Govt entities are raking in huge salaries. I predict that our suburbs would be more efficient also. If billions in WA then what amount Australia wide. Re-start manufacturing in oz less dependent on imports (China specifically) and jobs created here at home. We have a great and unique opportunity to kick start a new and more self reliant and independent Australia. We just need a brave Govt with foresight to take this on.

  14. Any employee I had was sacked if he couldnt do his job…the government have failed their job and they get more money?!! This is their mistake…reduce their income to pay for it…take their salaries off them and give them job seek..

  15. An odd thing about this virus is they are doing all this testing, but apparently only this virus is infecting people. Other flue and cold virus aren't present apparently. It would be the perfect way to show how 'supposedly' dangerous this virus is yet I find no reference to other virus that have been found during the testing. Maybe we are all immune to the others therefor they don't put those stats down. It could not possibly be they are using other flue viruses to inflate the covid virus numbers. To turn it into something it isn't, so they can take away more of our rights.

  16. The Australian institution, not just government, failed the nation. ScoMo couldn't declare "pandemic" quick enough, (never was need) to give himself power to destroy the economy, create a debt, Australians will never be free from.
    Facts were available from the onset, they've been reiterated, confirmed again and again, no lockdown neccesary- but all (gov, opposition, cross-benches…) refused to accept the truth. With ANZAC Day approaching, good time to show that spirit isn't dead, as it appears to be. And stop mindlessly aquiescing to an institution whose soul has been sold to the pharmaceutical corporations.

  17. daisy is on the money .. she understands we cant raise taxes espeially rite now we just cant do it … people are on their knees and trying to get back on thier feet and raiseing taxes will just make that worse

  18. this woman who says its inevitable to see the GST rise is a moron … we already waste soo much money and GST will just make it harder for poorer people not the people who have lots of money like her … so shut up .. we are 1 of the highest taxed western free democracys in the world and it has to stop

  19. We need auditing, the same as US such as Openthebooks .com’. They’ Found billions of dollars being wasted and stolen through many methods. The Australian Government has wasted huge amounts of money disappearing, also companies like Virgin who have no taxes as their office based in Canary Islands. Virgin made 24 billion and never paid tax. Get the country making money, stop selling assets to foreigners. Stop blaming the Australian people. Extraordinary bad political leaders, who sold our country so Australians couldn’t profit and own their own nation.
    I know people who owned factories, who were forced by the government move businesses to China. We need real leadership not bandaids that tax Australians and keep selling everything up while politicians receive shopping bags of cash.
    The rot is in the Government, not the people who are struggling. Take your whistling somewhere else. We need true honest government. Not a bunch of criminals who never get charged as they fleece Australians with foreign counterparts. China’s in Australia because of government and Australian manufacturing is in China because of government. You’re a bunch of buggers and a band aid won’ fix it. The courts are loaded and all people are not equal in this country.

  20. Should Australia go to a 15% GST then ther should be a total rehash of ALL taxes…
    To make the Australian Tax System functional for the people AND for the country would be to make everybody taxed on an equal footing.
    A 15% GST on EVERY DOLLAR THAT CHANGES HANDS and NO OTHER TAXES imposed elsewhere under any title. If you earn $100 you take home $85
    – earn $200. tAKe home $170
    If you buy something for $1000 – GST is taken from that rather than added to it…IE. you still pay a grand and teh govt tax is $150

    Such a simple, ONE PARRAGRAPH tax law across Australia means that all the business happening ever gets the same flat rate, the payrolls are taxed the same flat rate and the smallest transactions are taxed the same flat rate.
    A one parragraph tax law offers no loop holes.
    Such simplicity may even encourage other major businesses to come to AUstralia in order to reduce their current tax burdens and issues related to avoiding or reducing those taxes.

    Such a one parragraph tax law would also reduce the burdens on Australians by reducing by significant numbers the burocrats that currently infest the tax office as their investigations would be SO MUCH simplified and the need for endless red tape would be significantly reduced…which would lead to even less burdens across the red tape spectrum…less burocratsd and finally a reduction on the 30 and 40 year long career burocrats who have sponged off the Australian tax payer for ever…

    Bring on the 15% ONLY if the rest of the taxes are removed…Especially the state taxes which are illegal anyway.

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