The systematic effort to manipulate other people’s beliefs, attitudes, or actions by means of symbols (words, gestures, banners, monuments, music, clothing, insignia, hairstyles, designs on coins and postage stamps, and so forth).

Deliberateness and a relatively heavy emphasis on manipulation distinguish propaganda from casual conversation or the free and easy exchange of ideas.

This page is an Australian journalistic attempt to disclose a large number of suppressed and important facts about our COVID-19 collective experience, for which the majority of people will be “blissfully unaware”.

These facts will often be unpleasant and quite challenging to digest, however all items presented here will include citations and will hopefully encourage further research.

Please suspend any cognitive dissonance you may experience until the end of the article.

Wherever possible, the sources cited will originate from peer-reviewed articles, public policy documents, official reports, news articles and video clips from mainstream media or live recordings of events.

However, let’s begin this article with “something quite shocking”.

While reviewing the information below, please consider the following question:

Why did the UK government order
3.18 BILLION pounds worth of
“direct oral anti-coagulants”, in July 2021 – for delivery starting November 2021?

Below are unpublished interim results from a blinded blood film study (n=275) being sampled from the general population and stratified by vaccination status. (Interim snapshot of images from November 2021 can be found here.)

1) Vaccinated blood
The red blood cell morphology shown here was observed in approximately 80% of AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna blood samples collected in 2021 and 2022.
(There is some early evidence, from an analysis of VAERS reports vs “lot numbers” that the vaccine formulations have been intentionally changed over time, creating a pyramid shaped pattern of adverse events and deaths.)

The blood disorder observed is often independent of fibrinogen / thrombin / fibrin levels. These samples show formation of chains – “rouleaux” or “micro clots”, creating a high risk of heart attacks, stroke, Bell’s palsy, aneurysms – regardless of age. Echinocytes are often observed.

The oldest sample collected which exhibited this morphology was 25 weeks after the second dose. As a reference, red blood cells are potentially replaced every 60-100 days. This indicates a persistent problem, without a suitable intervention.

2) Healthy blood
Note the red blood cells in healthy blood are repelling each other, as normally expected.

These cells are able to travel efficiently through small blood vessels / capillaries, such as the lungs, kidneys, blood brain barrier, distal tissues, etc., transporting blood gases and metabolites:

3) Causality
We recently monitored a young, healthy unvaccinated female participant, who was being coerced into vaccination for employment and travel purposes and wished to monitor her progress.

The participant recorded a normal, healthy sample immediately before vaccination with one dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, then further samples were taken at 5 days after vaccination and again at 18 days after vaccination.

“Before vaccination – healthy blood”
“5 days after vaccination – mild rouleaux formation”
“18 days after vaccination #1 – symptoms reported as fatigue and shortness of breath”
“18 days after vaccination #2 – unidentified lipid deposits also noted in sample air bubbles”
“18 days after vaccination #3 – positive d-dimer”
“18 days after vaccination #4 – low ferritin + LDH *may* be elevated (relative to previous baseline)”

4) Interventions and future directions
The red blood cell disorder observed in vaccinated blood samples may be readily treated / reversed using appropriate doses of sodium bicarbonate and N-acetyl cysteine (NAC). Aspirin may also be appropriate to break up any existing clots.

Case report for Pfizer-induced thrombosis.
Symptoms first observed 15 weeks after second dose, as chest pain, shortness of breath and non-pitting edema. Blood film, elevated d-dimer and NK cell counts collected at 18 weeks after dose 2.

Experimental intervention protocol:
500mg of sodium bicarbonate x3 (consumed in water, between meals)
1000mg of N-acetyl cysteine x3
100-300mg of aspirin x2 for the first 7 days, reduced to 100mg x1 ongoing.

A series of peripheral smears were captured to monitor progress. Below are the results, observed over 2 weeks:


The early results suggest this appears to be a successful remedy for spike protein related blood clotting issues, however more studies are needed.

(There are other serious issues beyond micro clotting, as you will see further on.)

The blood disorder observed in vaccinated samples is also recorded in SARS-cov-2 infections and therefore the same treatment largely applies. The label “SARS-CoV-2” is wildly inaccurate. It’s not ACUTE, nor is it being treated correctly, resulting in an overall mortality rate of approximately 80% in ICU settings during the Delta peak.

COVID-19 appears to be a poorly-treated blood clotting disorder that becomes riskier over a number of days. This is primarily caused by low pH from spike protein induced oxidative stress, Warburg metabolism and lactic acid generation that eventually exceeds the systemic ability to metabolise it, as would be observed in someone with PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS.

This reduction in pH reduces the negative electrical charge (zeta potential) observed on the surface of each red blood cell, which normally causes those cells to repel each other. THEY CLUMP TOGETHER and progressively block small blood vessels, such as lung capillaries.

Being an electrical / diamagnetism issue, this does not show up using the industry-standard automated blood analysis methodology, where blood samples are often mixed with EDTA, centrifuged and then a machine counts the number and size of cells, along with other information. The electrical characteristics of the cells are not tested or recorded by machine testing.

Elevations in LDH and decreases of bicarbonate would be expected. Low ferritin levels may be expected, also.

A blood film is usually required to identify this disorder, which is rarely performed in clinical practice, requiring a trained pathologist and appropriate microscopy equipment.

Once haemoglobin is unable to effectively maintain blood pH via pulmonary respiration, bicarbonate levels will drop, as they are also used to buffer pH. Preventable lactic acidosis and death may follow.

a) ICU pathology results from a COVID-19 patient –

b) ICU pathology results from a vaccine-injured patient –

This also indicates ventilators may be highly inappropriate to treat COVID-19, as the issue is suggested here as simply impaired blood transport and gas exchange.

COVID-19 may be completely treatable at home with bicarbonate and importantly, N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), or various other interventions for Warburg metabolism, such as resveratrol or high dose melatonin. (Inconveniently, for people living in the US, the FDA inexplicably decided to schedule NAC as a drug in July 2020, after being available for many decades as a common dietary supplement.)

This would be further improved by arresting the replication cycle of the virus. This may be achieved by blocking the ACE2 receptor, breaking down the SARS-CoV-2 viral protease while it’s still in the serum, using hesperidin and by transporting more zinc into the cells using eg. a zinc ionophore.

Where have we seen these features before? Ahh yes.. Ivermectin.. now smeared and banned in most countries. Of course, if there’s an existing off-label treatment for COVID-19, you can’t get an emergency use authorisation for an experimental therapeutic intervention.

An example COVID-19 EARLY treatment protocol could be as simple as:

1g of N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) (1/5th tsp), 3x per day
500mg of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda, 1/10th tsp), 3x per day, ideally taken away from meals and separately from NAC to avoid an acid:base reaction.
300mg of aspirin (optional), 1-2x per day, for approx 10 days
200mg of hesperidin (found in orange & lime pith/peel), 2x per day
200mg of EGCG (found in approximately 2 cups of green tea), 2-3x per day
20-50mg of zinc, 1x per day
500-1000mg of vitamin C, 2x per day
5000-10000IU of vitamin D3, 1x per day

18 months into this pandemic, hospital-collected pathology data for COVID-19 patients is abundant and shows evidence for lactic acidosis, yet globally we’re largely still treating people with the same “standard process” that allows 80% of them to die on a ventilator.

Why is this simple intervention not already being heavily explored? It may be able to completely prevent ICU visits and deaths, while also removing any fear of infection.. effectively restoring normal life, WITHOUT booster shots every 3 months.

The blood clotting disorder observed here is also a ticking time-bomb for athletes and young people.

All that’s required is sufficient exertion / lactic acid generation and you’d expect catastrophic cardiac events when the ion channels in heart cells become disturbed and ATPases become impaired.

The number of athletes suffering from cardiac events and dying has inexplicably spiked recently. There are so many cases that they need their own page to list them. Google “suddenly collapsed” or “suddenly died” and click on the “news” tab, for a rude shock.

Airline pilots also appear to be suffering from a lot of fatal “coincidences” this year..

2021 has been a really bad year to be a pilot.. Hmm.. I wonder what’s so different to 2020, where we still had the pandemic?
The magazine formatting is somewhat misleading, however compared to previous years by the same publication, pilot deaths appear to have increased by 2-3x the average rate.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) was already a risk when flying, even before these untested vaccines were mandated. Blood coagulation is a serious mortality risk.

What about the kids? We’ve known since 2020 that kids are safe from COVID-19 and don’t need vaccinating, yet as the TGA has just provisionally approved the experimental kids’ version, we are now being told they do:

I wonder if the dramatic increase in school kids dying across the UK, Germany, Canada and other places where these vaccines are already being rolled out has been investigated thoroughly?

As this is a really difficult subject, and for reader sensitivity, a separate page has been created to display some of the headlines.

If you have difficulty reading orbituaries of dead children, please do not click on this next image:

[Okay, I know this has already been a difficult read, but please brace yourself, as it unfortunately only gets worse from here..]

Well, that’s certainly troubling data, but I’m more optimistic. Perhaps there’s another explanation, such as a dramatically increased transmission rate after the initial 2-3 month boost to our immune response?

..Let’s take yet another look at the UK data. This time, let’s look at the mortality details in “Technical_Briefing_21.pdf” –

While someone could easily cherry-pick this data and inaccurately assert that there are more deaths in double vaccinated people, this is NOT a fair analysis – there are also nearly 10x the number of people in the over 50’s group. You could naturally anticipate a higher number of deaths.

One way to control for this bias is to convert these figures into percentages for each cohort. Let’s pull these figures apart and do precisely that:

Unfortunately, this now shows something really puzzling – why is it that the first dose demonstrably decreases mortality from COVID-19 in both age groups, yet the second dose INCREASES it? In fact, the under-50’s group double-vaccinated group, at 0.07%, the mortality rate is nearly DOUBLE the unvaccinated’s 0.04% mortality rate. Why?

Is this connected to the cardiac issues and blood disorder, or is it something else?

The trouble with data is that it can be influenced by biases. However, there’s also a common expression – “dead men don’t lie”… So let’s take a closer look at dead people. In fact, let’s look at ALL of the people who died in the UK, aged 10-59, since the beginning of January 2021.

We’ll take the data directly from the Office of National Statistics again, here –

We’ll go to “Table 4”, filter to only show people aged 10-59 age. We’ll then select the “Unvaccinated”, “Within 21 days of first dose”, “21 days or more after first dose” and “Second dose” ranges from the “Age-specific rate per 100,000” column.

Let’s visualise that data:

That’s… very interesting.

That’s.. utterly unbelievable, however it matches the double death rate we observed earlier and is -ONGOING-.

That’s.. extremely disturbing.

One could argue that children aged 10-12 could add some bias, however that would also have reduced the seasonal death rate in the unvaccinated.

When you combine the first and second dose deaths together, it appears that vaccinated people are dying at around 3x the rate of unvaccinated people.

…This is a similar increase to the rate of issues observed in US military data recently released by attorney Thomas Renz, under penalty of perjury.

Military doctors, Samuel Sigoloff, Peter Chambers, and Theresa Long revealed that there had been:

A 300% increase in DMED codes registered for miscarriages in the military for the first 11 months of 2021 (4182) over the five-year average (1499).

An almost 300% increase in cancer diagnoses (114645 for the first 11 months of 2021, up from a five-year average of 38700 per year).

There was >1000% increase in diagnosis codes for neurological issues, which increased from a baseline average of 82,000 to 863000!

Myocardial infarction269% increase

Bell’s palsy291% increase

Congenital malformations (for children of military) – 156% increase

Female infertility471% increase

Pulmonary embolisms467% increase

In a sworn declaration from one of the military doctors, they stated:
“It is my professional opinion that the major increases incidences of the above discussed instances of miscarriages, cancers, and disease were due to COVID-19 ‘vaccinations.’”

Ironically, in response to the whistleblowers coming forward, DoD confirmed the reported numbers, but now claims that the previous 5 years worth of data was under-reported, each and every year, unnoticed for 5 years, due to a technical glitch. What are the odds of that?

Even without analysing the all-cause-mortality and US military data, there have been so many officially documented vaccine-related deaths in Europe alone, that a Croatian MEP, Mislav Kolakušić recently called out French President, Macron, saying mandatory vaccinations represent the death penalty and its execution for citizens:

Have we perhaps rushed blindly into this and been doing the wrong thing all along? As a contrast in approaches, I wonder how the Amish have coped with COVID-19?

Okay.. Herd immunity and normal life… Hmm.

Why isn’t this all over the news?

Could it have something to do with the 100% tax relief given to the Australian media during the COVID-19 pandemic?

NZ has suffered from a similar situation:

As has Canada:

It looks like only AFTER the vaccination rollout has been largely completed, we’re now being made aware, via a FOI court order, of what Pfizer knew BACK IN FEBRUARY 2021 and what the TGA were discussing with select Senators, at least as early as June 2021.
(Daily Telegraph, NZ)

(The Spectator, Aus:)

If you happen to have Telegram installed on your phone and you’re feeling desensitized enough to browse through a few thousand documented examples of vaccine-related injuries and deaths, you can click here.

Adverse events involving fertility have also been commonly observed:

Which may potentially be explained by the data released under FOI from Pfizer’s Japanese animal study, showing distribution and accumulation of the lipid nanoparticle in various organs, including the ovaries:

What kind of world are we living in when all the key information about the medical products being used and the contract surrounding them are being intentionally hidden from even the politicians representing us?

The same thing is happening in Australia with the secrecy of the “National Cabinet” and an ongoing battle for any kind of transparency.

Fortunately, we have a leaked, authenticated copy of the contract from Brazil. It contains many, many shocking terms and conditions, such as countries not being allowed to TEST any purchased vaccines:

Of course, nothing truly says “TRU$T THE SCIENCE” more than the FDA and Pfizer fighting in court NOT to release the data used to justify the Emergency Use Authorisation, seeking 75 years to produce this information in response to a FOI request from a group of scientists.

So much for peer-review. I wonder what information could be so damaging to FDA and Pfizer that they don’t want to release it until everyone who might be interested is dead?

Okay, onto other health related topics.. how about cancer risk?

According to a recent in vitro study, the spike protein prevents DNA repair function by 90%, via alterations to BRCA1 pathway, also noting that the spike enters the nucleus.

Could this explain Australia’s jump in deaths from cancer?

Surely this would be reported widely by the Australian doctors?
Well, no – they’re mostly fearful of being de-registered and losing their livelihoods / careers, if they speak out, or issue an exemption (even after vaccine-induced injuries), or do anything that is seen to be remotely negative against the national vaccine rollout. See the AHPRA letter sent to medical practitioners in March 2021.

Some doctors have retired early, rather than take part in what they perceive as genocide.

Others are starting to cautiously speak out against the medical tyranny:

If fear of AHPRA doesn’t shut the conversation down before it starts, big tech companies will jump in and simply ban their online accounts:

These kinds of safety problems and deaths are COMMONLY seen during drug development and are some of the primary reasons why many drug candidates never make it to market. These adverse events get picked up in what is usually a decade or more of rigorous CLINICAL TRIALS that provide us with LONGITUDINAL SAFETY DATA prior to approval.


In Q2 of 2021, the TGA secretly admitted they were LYING to the public
(This video contains multiple clips, with a short pause between each)

“Raise your hand if you PERSONALLY know someone who has been injured by a vaccine.” Ballina, 27-NOV-2021
(Next question should have been “How many of these are reported?”
“Looks very much like it.. and now we’re following the UK, but blaming the Omicron variant..”
“…Although leading epidemiologists are suggesting Omicron is mild and could end the pandemic.”
So.. on top of the first 2, that’s a total of 7 EXTRA doses, per person, already purchased?
Interesting.. well, I guess we were lied to.. again.. and the definition of “fully vaccinated”
is going to be a frequently moving target.
February 10, 2022 – Another prediction comes true.
Now they’re starting to signal their real intentions. It’s certainly not stopping at 2 doses or 1 booster.

On a hopefully separate note, we recently created a law that allows foreign troops to operate on Australian soil with impugnity

Wait a minute.. didn’t they tell us these vaccines blocked transmission? Isn’t this WHY we have the vaccine passports and medical apartheid?

So if these leaky vaccines are INCREASING the rate of transmission, has anyone notified Greg Hunt? Maybe he should stop this medical experiment..

Let’s see what happened when Craig Kelly highlighted a study which showed the negative efficacy and Greg Hunt was asked about it:

Okay, since we’re IGNORING or COVERING UP the vast numbers of adverse events, cancers and deaths associated with the mandated vaccine rollouts, it really seems like the FOCUS is on vaccinating the entire global population and recording their information into a global database, rather than actually saving lives. What’s up with that?

I’m sure it’s a complete coincidence that back in 2016, via the World Economic Forum, a veritable global “who’s who” of finance, politics, investments and digital identity (it took 5 pages to list the contributors) all authored a Blueprint for Digital Identity.

Isn’t it also handy that in 2018, Australia committed to a joint initiative with the UN and WHO, to create vaccine passports, as signed by the same Professor Brendan Murphy we saw in the earlier TGA video?

(Europe and other countries had a near-identical timeline.)

ID2020 (who are listed as authors on WEF’s Blueprint for Digital Identity document above) proposed vaccine passports as an entry point for creating a digital identity.

The World Bank are also strongly promoting a Digital ID as the way forward out of COVID-19:

The Australian government have used the COVID-19 pandemic management framework to commence a very labour intensive process to accurately connect all of the government “businesses” together, around our new “Trusted Digital ID”.

Over the last 18 months, we’ve been completing that project for them.

You’ve been required to download an app to scan QR codes for “contact tracing” and been further invited to link your drivers’ license, medicare, tax records, payment information (Dine and Discover vouchers) and vaccination records into this single digital identity.

This “Digital Transformation” is currently steamrolling ahead without any debate or enabling legislation. The last time something like this was debated, the Australia Card, it was shot down in a referendum.

Your new Digital Identity will also be extended as your new government mandated ONLINE IDENTITY for social media and other websites / services...

This hasn’t just been happening in Australia…
it’s all over the world.. AT THE SAME TIME.

Hmm.. Social Credit Scoring.. you mean like they’ve been rolling out in China since 2018?

You won’t be surprised to learn the UK is also rolling out the same identical framework.

Let’s see how that works..

Facial recognition? Where have we seen that recently? Oh yes.. it’s going to be required for VOTING and to register as a company director in Australia. I wonder where else that data will be used?

They’re already trying to “steamroll the rollout of the facial recognition database” without having passed any legislation that allows them to do so.

Good thing all of this digital identity infrastructure isn’t attached to money – we’ve already seen how QR codes can stop us participating in everyday life over the last year.

Ahh.. drat.

So Australia is implementing the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). That can’t be too bad, right? It’s just like Bitcoin?

Well, NO. It’s actually a form of digital currency WITH STRINGS – someone else decides if you can SPEND YOUR OWN MONEY, or NOT.

That sounds.. a bit tyrannical? So now your new Social Credit Score or other policies can affect your ability to buy goods and services. Brilliant. I’ll let Romanian MEP, Cristian Terheș explain it:

Where have we heard this all before… ahh, yes – the UN and World Economic Forum’s Agenda 21, later called “Agenda 2030”, or “The Great Reset”, as it’s now more commonly known, where the security controls and loss of basic human rights that were implemented to “control the pandemic” are instead used to discard capitalism and usher in a new totalitarian society, which focuses on a strict, carbon-neutral way of life.

Here’s a 5 minute overview:

I guess this means that the carbon footprint data which VISA and Mastercard (co-authors on the WEF Digital Identity Blueprint document) have been collecting for years, thanks to our use of various vendors’ “reward cards”, will be tied to the CBDC that will replace cash and then we’ll be given personal carbon credits.

The CBDC is being rolled out in virtually every country – even Russia and China.

Is this the “tech” which PM Scott Morrison referred to 63 times in his recent speech about meeting climate change targets?

…They’re going to strictly control HOW you spend your money and prevent carbon emissions? I’m sure it won’t be abused for any other purposes, right?

Scott Morrison is no stranger to World Economic Forum.

In January 2022, he made a 30 minute-long special address to WEF about Australia’s 50 year history and ongoing role with an undefined “global conversation” [UN Agenda 21?].

Well, that speech certainly matched expectations covering all aspects of The Great Reset. Does Scott Morrison serve the Australian people or instead a foreign power? Also, what is this “Fourth Industrial Revolution” they keep talking about?

Ahh, so the Fourth Industrial Revolution doesn’t change what you’re DOING, it changes YOU, via gene editing, while robots and automation take over most jobs. Excellent and not even remotely worrying.

OK, questions about hybrid humans and ethics aside, how would we then manage mass unemployment and consumption based carbon emissions?

Man-made carbon emissions appear to be a big problem for the planet. WEF and Bill Gates have talked about this problem a lot, with a real “human” focus, as has the Club of Rome, quite openly:

Okay. So, that’s perhaps a “two birds with one stone” approach to solving both of those problems?

This all seems like a long way from “just” a pandemic, right? Surely the pandemic was an accident of nature, right?


Seems a little too well-prepared.. I wonder if there’s some kind of extensive paper trail around any of this?

How about a 205 page dossier of patents going back to the late 1990’s?

If that’s too much to read right now, there’s also an 80 minute interview of the author, Dr David E Martin, which may be more convenient, if not entertaining.. he’s also a good speaker:

If that’s not already damning enough evidence for the virus being man-made, the viral code has 3 inserts from HIV-1 found in the binding sites and a unique, novel sequence of amino acids found only in a patented Moderna cell line from 2017.

Moderna also agreed to a Materials Transfer Agreement and partnership with Fauci’s NIAID for mRNA coronavirus vaccines just 2 weeks prior to the pandemic first breaking in Wuhan and going back to 2015.

Hmm, is it really possible that we’re actually part of a well-planned, secret global depopulation agenda, that includes a complete replacement of our democratic societies with a tyrannical, communistic economy?

Well, it certainly HAS been a VERY unusual 2 years across the globe, complete with the same ‘bizarre coincidences’ and same tyrannical government policies, coincidentally deployed in the 170 countries who have signed up with the UN, WEF. IMF and others to take part in the ‘Great Reset’.

Thierry Baudet brought this to the attention of the Dutch Parliament, back in June 2021:

Australian MP, George Christensen, is also speaking out and warning people. It seems like there’s an increasing awareness of this globalist plan.

Imagine ALL member countries deploying the same vaccine passport infrastructure and ALL pushing illegal ‘vaccine mandates’ through employers, since it is equally illegal for the governments to do so themselves.

Wow. What are the odds of that?

I wonder if all of the government ministers who are part of the World Economic Forum or their Young Global Leaders program could be tying all of this together?

WEF haven’t just infiltrated the administrative level…

Maybe there’s another explanation?

I SURE HOPE SO, because what appears to be going on right now looks like sanctioned genocide and a very controlled narrative / global deception to transform the world into a totalitarian dystopia.

Speaking of controlled narrative, do you remember World Economic Forum’s Event 201 in October 2019, in Wuhan, which simulated a global pandemic and helped train government and media attendees on how to orchestrate and control social media, mandates, lock downs, vaccine hesitancy, ‘misinformation’ and everything we’ve seen over the last 18 months?

There are some other spooky coincidences. In 2010, after a year-long project, the Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network published a document with 4 scenarios that could be enacted simultaneously to achieve a “sustainable future”. You’ll see from the wording used throughout the document, that its purpose is to inspire global partners to create these “helpful” scenarios, not simply predict that they might occur in the future:

Excerpt from Page 12
Excerpt from Page 14
Excerpt from Page 16

The scenarios described look hauntingly similar to the events which have been taking place over the last 2 years. Using the backdrop of a pandemic to disrupt the world, allowing governments to install digital identities, biosecurity controls and mandates, etc. Tormenting the citizens “just enough” to start coordinating together and push back, while at the same time, the scenarios call for disrupting the global supply chains and forcing local manufacturing and other solutions to be re-established. I’m seeing some remarkable echoes of Scott Morrison’s January 2022 special address for World Economic Forum.

The full document can be found here:

I’m sure this is just another weird coincidence, right?

Right… Me neither.

Worried? Well, NO, I’m not

If this is all correct, there’s a simple way through all of this:

Mass non-compliance.

This means making everyone aware of the situation… Guess what your job is? Correct! Spreading the word… and saying “NO”. That’s it.

There are more people awake than you may realise. Around Australia, it was reported in alternative media that on November 27th 2021, over 1 million people marched for their freedom.

“Protests in Melbourne – November 27, 2021”
“Protests in Sydney – November 27, 2021”
“Protests in Canberra – February 12, 2022”

Hmm.. didn’t see this reported accurately in the mainstream media?
Gosh, it’s a mystery why that keeps happening…

We’re far from being all alone here.

More and more people are waking up from the mask mass formation psychosis and starting to see through the cracks each day.

A “Grand Jury”, led by Reiner Fuellmich commenced in February 2022. Along with other global and local efforts – we all have a part to play – the facts about this global transformation are slowly being brought to light.

In the meantime.. here are some other interesting COVID-19 journeys, to help you on your way.

(Clicking on an image will take you to each journey.)

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