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  1. I live in Western Australia. Ive heard of too many people who died from the effects of asbestos.
    It was mined well into 1970. Scientists knew of the toxic effects of asbestos in 1920 in U.S
    and Canada.
    I have personally met Mr. Vojakovich once. He and his family have spent their lives to support victims of this hideous disease.

  2. I would have thought that weather stations like that could be automated to send that data somewhere central. Glad to hear that someone somewhere is still employed to keep the world running!

  3. The parallel with Covid-19 is as ironic as it is obvious: 11:00 "I feel so silly here with…a mask..but I still think it's the right thing to do (because the Godless 'experts' said so)." Will 2020 mask-wearers wake up to their misguided delusion? No, they'd rather die in their sins. So sad and senseless…

  4. I was there just 5 days ago. It was the highlight of our trip up north and only the odd tourist was there. Wittenoom Gorge is beautiful. The town is fascinating and it was cool going through some of the old buildings. I drove past Mario's house but didn't pay a visit. He isn't the only person there. There are other houses occupied and there are people camping down at the gorge. Also the petrol bowser in front of the cafe is gone. Did someone steal it?

  5. Very interesting, so sad to see such beautiful country so contaminated. God bless Mario for is steadfast loyalty to his job, and the country he loves.

  6. @Free Documentary it’s like a Mad Max Pripyat and Centralia all wrapped into one batshit insane combination! Please do a documentary on Chernobyl and the SL-1 Reactor in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

  7. I am guessing that Mario might have been ok because he came well after the mine closed and after most human activity stopped. Asbestos is most dangerous when breathed so less activity creating dust likely means that Mario hasn't been breathing much asbestos relatively speaking (note this is just the hypothesis of a random plant biologist). Thanks for the video.

  8. What i wonder is when they destory food of people at airport and claim it will destroy its environment yet they did it with their own people.They killed a town not with food but going for things that God burried deep down to protect them.

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