April 22, 2021


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Ayaan Hirsi Ali: virtue signalling on immigration, BLM and MeToo is dangerous

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39 thoughts on “Ayaan Hirsi Ali: virtue signalling on immigration, BLM and MeToo is dangerous

  1. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is one of my heroes, and the list of heroes is short. She is so clear eyed about problems, and so brave in speaking her mind about solutions. The story of her early life in Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Europe shows how far she has come, how she has developed strength of character through this journey, and many of the reasons she is unafraid to speak the truth. Excellent guest interview Freddie. Well done.

  2. Thank you – good to keen debate and conversation flowing about these difficult topics. I especially like the carrot approach which assumes people can(and do) learn – and need to be exposed to and accept the value systems which shelter them.

    The genesis of the modern western era was the enlightenment – which fostered and fought for open questioning of what was accepted as fact. That – in my view – is the key innovation of Western Civilization that has so far won the evolutionary battle of ideas – allowing for leaps in standards of living, and productivity of humans.

    Those were hard times, even in recent history we regressed to and fought fascist ideology – suggesting to me how fundamentally attractive and easy it is, and requires constant vigil and work to be resisted.

    And where we all are today is a very lengthy product of choices of past generations, some of those choices advantageous and some not. Acknowledging that certain ideas lead to a objectively better and more meaningful existence, is just as important as recognizing sequences of choice that are not helpful.

    Culture is – after all – a social technology that evolved as it benefited humans, but it is and has always been maleable.

    That is not to say that Western civilization has no problems – the growth orientated mindset is problematic when unmanaged, and specifically when environmental consequences are not priced in – in addition to rampant inequality causing a centralization of power (known historically to cause instability).

    Additionally the bi-partisan current anti-science trends that abandon hard fought for statistical analysis in favour of emotional reactionary decision facilitated by uncritical mass broadcast social media platforms driven by algorithms focusing on purely on profit are really an existential threat to the progress made.

    This coupled with left and ultra-left's excessive backward gazing moralistic hand wringing about choices rooted in time and environment undertaken by a relatively fractional percentage of people is not at all helpful in moving more human beings into what is clearly a better system of thought and existence. While the right idolizes times – that for the vast majority of human beings were really a continuum of misery. And we are – algorithmically – kept apart.

    These are the challenges of our time, and I believe the ideals of the enlightenment are worth fighting for.

  3. There is Simple answer to the female abuse issue in the communities discussed, all they have to do is identify as men and then the problem will dissappear over night and they can live free and fulfilling lives…………… Right?

  4. The metoo movement was born from lies told by women against an innocent Brett Kavanaugh. There's nothing good about that movement. It encouraged women to make false (or incredibly weak, micro aggression style) accusations and virtue signal out of their arse. It was designed to be as ill-intended as the also formally popular BLM movement.

  5. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is so brave. I admire her for speaking out about this issue. My quibble though is Angela Merkel was not thoughtless. She had already stated publicly the mass immigration wasn’t working in Germany. And then she turned around and opened floodgates. I don’t know what her decision process was but I don’t think it was thoughtless.

  6. There is a difference in the rate of change between change from viral transmission, change from technical transmission, and change from internecine cultural Wars, and generational change. All is change, context is all.

  7. The lady has a big statement at the end. She won me over.
    Many dire fundamental issues today are denied by class-based virtual signaling.
    When I was in college Theology of Liberation made it simple. The oppressed and marginalized had to be liberated by unjust structures.
    Now things seem so muddled by cultural activism of the hard line left, by nationalist projects of the far-right, and neoliberalism thrusts of the global elite.
    Things have to get simple and basic again.

  8. The problem with naming the problem is that doing so is deemed racist. Better to deny reality than to be called racist or dismissed as Islamophobic, all in the name of maintaining the vanity of moral virtue, while no longer understanding what moral virtue actually is.

  9. I agree with her on the solution. The threat of deportation is what seemed to shift the behavior of certain Central American men. When I screened for domestic violence as a clinician, I can’t tell you how many times I was told that her husband used to manhandle her before coming to US, now he knows the risks, and that you ask these questions. I also had a few Egyptian and Lebanese patients who seems to be more protective of their spouses. Not enough to generalize though, but I did get the sense they were putting up with something.

  10. What a well-grounded woman. Mis respetos.

    I think liberal societies, in their compassion for the downtrodden, for les miserables, give in to the temptation of using collective force to do what should be done by voluntary collective action, of going beyond the absolute minimum required for a peaceful, prosperous society.

    There are very few things that justify the use of coercion, coercion to stop coercion is one of them, because, as Marcuse makes clear in Repressive Tolerance, the truth [or any other value for that matter] "has no inherent power 'against the dungeon and the stake'" or against guns and tanks. An argument could also be made for using coercion against those who deceive, against those who use coercion or deceit against property, our most important property being our bodies and the life within them, as well as the things we acquire without coercion or deceit. The justification could be stretched to enforcing freely acquired obligations and equitable compensation for proven damages because together with property and freedom (absence of coercion and deceit) these principles are what hold society together.

    Some people would say that not even these things justify the use of coercion, but without these minimal enforceable rules, there can be no liberal society with all of the benefits it produces that the rest of the world desires. These are the things that should be taught to all immigrants, that everyone, including women, must be accorded that respect in a country that considers itself liberal. People fleeing coercion and the effects of dysfunctional societies that don't limit coercion and deceit and suffer the consequences of this policy need to examine the relationship between their own behavior and the dysfunction of the society they are fleeing. That doesn't apply only to Muslim countries.

  11. Freddie, please do more interviews about the state of on going lockdowns. It seems like it's never going to end, and some politicians people seem to be suggesting it will never go back to normal!?. I feel like this is the greatest and most important threat to us all right now. The longer this regime goes on, the greater the damage.

  12. No such thing as a classic liberal anyone , I used to be one , now it’s a radical, racist , identity politic consumed left wing hateful ness !

  13. In Sweden and not because of the reclassification of rape definition is a hotbed of humiliation beatings/robberies/rapes.
    When unprecedented numbers of people from cultures antithetical to the host majority pours in they will bring unique challenges, trouble and crimes.

  14. The vitriol that this lady suffers from her ‘fellow Somali males’ is horrific.

    YouTube algorithm in its wisdom tendered me one of their vile YouTube programs because I have watched several of her articles. Disgusting on both fronts.

  15. never understand all those labels..right..left. center or whatever..doesn't explain what are their ideas..—useless labels.. it is not clear what she is trying to say about this issue…which is?.. violence against muslim women?… personally I never felt unsafe at work nor in public spaces..

  16. How can you fix these problems!.. it is due to a total different culture. . and you have to understand a religion that treats women as things worth of ill treatment is not welcome…… … and you have to accept that immigrants don't try to blend but go on with their beliefs… there was a saying. .translated from Spanish that says.."…where ever you go..do as you see it is done–" and Islam immigrants don't do that… I personally don't like muslim culture.. can't understand why women keep using those burkas in a country that no one uses it ..so they are NOT adapting… they stand out and not in a good way….

  17. Another superb, detailed interview from Freddie. Excellent guest: my appetite is whetted for reading her book, and she managed to alter my views on a few things. A rare event. Thank you!

  18. We need to stop fretting about being called Racist, xenophobic, bigoted etc when the truth is being spoken! If we really want equality then we need to accept some people are going to be offended! They’ll get over it!

  19. Funny enough, she says that the Westerners value freedom of movement and dignity of our bodies. Yet, our fellow citizens do not understand why we do not like the coercion that started in March 2020, even if it was instituted in good faith.

  20. I think that the push for mass immigration was culturally naive, but a lot of companies need more employees and in Germany we do not have enough children that could later be able to pay enough taxes. We have a lot of seniors 👵 who get really old 👴. Our system was designed in a day and age in which people would die soon after they had retired. Also, Merkel was born and raised in an authoritarian society. In the GDR people had to play by the rules or they would get into trouble. Maybe this is why she did not see this coming.
    The national part of the CDU has been strongly influenced by SPD and Greens, but on a local and regional level they often form agreements with the AfD.
    Now the police are addressing many of the issues Dr. Ali has brought up in the conversation and the left-wing is pushing back claiming the police need to be reformed. It is a tug of war. Germans are being told all of the time that they are racist despite of the fact that we have allowed large amounts of people from Northafrica into the country and some city mayors even want to invite more people.

  21. I've seen many of her talks and for anyone who understands the problems she describes, they will also know that governments are more inclined to deal with the secondary problem, in the form of cancellations and deplatforming anyone speaking of the first hand issues.
    Assimilation into the host society should be a educational process with what ever strategy or lack there of they may have had to ensure as smooth a transition as possible for all.

    This has been one of my problems with modern feminist who support issues that are in direct conflict with thier apparent core values.

    Anyways really appreciate the fact that this channel is voicing real hard hitting issues. Only with civilized discussion and debate can new solution be found. 👏👏👏

  22. If a price for my virtue signaling is a few harassed feminists and a women free spaces where I'm spared from accusations of toxic masculinity, I'm ok with that. After all, gender is a social construct.
    Thomas Sowell warned our newly elected "Unitarian" president back in the 80's about principals having life of their own….
    Removing men from high paying jobs in favor of women under the principal of a safe working environment was no less of an extortion then BLM demanding redistribution of wealth.
    Don't even start me on the fear mongering " Models Maker" husband of hers….

  23. In the late 90's Tony Bliar opened the UK doors open wide to everyone to show the world that he was a wonderful human being, or even the new messiah. Big mistake Tony. But he doesn't care, it's us, the UK population who has to live with the utter mess he helped create. Tony and his family are now grotesque multi-millionaires and they can live in a completely different world to the rest of us. Thanks Tony, you stupid bunt.

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