April 20, 2021


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Balancing Act: Gymnastics biz struggling to balance public health and kids safety

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49 thoughts on “Balancing Act: Gymnastics biz struggling to balance public health and kids safety

  1. We must protect the vulnerable from the virus and let everyone else take their chances and follow routines such washing hands regularly and social distancing, wearing a mask (optional)
    We need to face this virus head on and stop running away from it

  2. Meanwhile, in my city the big public YMCA has a long list of rules, hardly anyone there, but this is no problem for them. Their salaries and benefits continue regardless.
    Stay strong girls. Port Hope is very fortunate to have your beautiful facility in town.

  3. Seriously I get lung pain just keeping my mask on for longer periods of time. I can only imagine how bad it would be exercising in it. People just write it off as complaining and think it's no big deal but I got asthma and keeping those things on causes physical pain.

  4. Small business the backbone of our economy slowly being strangled with the government regulations, I wish these entrepreneurs all the best. Even WHO recommend to eliminate the lockdown.

  5. The only people who complain and rat on others are people who have not been affected in a negative way . Its upper class people who have not lost income becuase of the lockdowns they will not care or understand until the lockdowns have hurt them in a substantial way . Then they will want sympathy from others and I will have none for them .

  6. Our government is asking people to be like nazi's, and when it comes to shopping people with medical exemptions are being asked somewhere a coloured wrist band like the nazis did in Germany ( ya it's not the same 100% but there is always a start.).

  7. I wish you ladies all the best and have the utmost respect for your bravery. I can only hope many more small business owners will be inspired by your actions to buck the restrictions. In fact, that's really the only way out of this mess.

  8. But people are packing the Walmart and sobeys and the liquor and dope stores that seems to be OK.this is so wrong but bit hey closed down ma and pa little stores and diners the government is turning Canada Canada into a commie country and the sheep won't wake up to see it happening.

  9. Good on you guys for showing you think for yourselves, in my humble opinion your views of the present situation are right on the mark. I hope you have all of the success which you desire. We should all of us follow the examples of these two brave young women. Hurraugh to them. Off with masks, away with anti-social distancing, stop being herded & stand up & be counted among the free & independant people of the world.

  10. The gov't restrictions have and are completely screwing things up because they have no idea what to do with this virus. So they make these stupid rules in hopes of seeing the numbers of contacts go down, while they are killing these businesses.

  11. The mask business is just that business, those of us that have done the research know the reality of wearing a mask. Its wrong but if you feel it solves everything wear it but do not force this as you have on those that know it is not effective. Since the younger generations feel they should be listened too, why don't you do your homework instead of listening like little sheep to your dictators. The scientific and medical people that are not paid by your government and the drug companies and others are telling you the truth. Masks don't make a difference, the PCR test does not detect the specific covid-19 virust(this comes right from the man who invented it!), the true deaths from this specific virus is small, the stats are manipulated to fit the narrative, the mainstream media is nothing more then propaganda promoting the narrative and yes there is more. So younger generations do the work and then speak out, it is your turn now. I'm in my late 50's and speak out, I take the heat from those that verbally and sometimes violently push their ill informed belief(notice I said belief not fact) on those that refuse to be brainwashed. These two young ladies and all the other businesses, you are doomed unless you yourself step up and push back against the agenda….I wish them the best but unless within 2 or 3 months this continues you can forget it…the game is over…..And yes people to those in the government , elite, etc. this is all a game and they are laughing at you.

  12. I walked around the grocery store with out a mask on and people were looking at me like i was alien, people were even doing double takes because they couldnt believe they were seeing someones face. Couldnt help but smile profusely at everyone. I felt so liberated. Pretty sad

  13. The shutting of gyms is the most inane action. They are places of health and well-being. No one at the gym was ever sick, and sick people don't go to gyms. I was at my local Goodlife right up until the lockdowns back in March. No one got/was/has been ill before or since. It's as though the powers that not ought to be WANT us to be ill.

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