April 20, 2021


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BAME Obsession HAS TO STOP White Working Class Are The BIG Problem

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50 thoughts on “BAME Obsession HAS TO STOP White Working Class Are The BIG Problem

  1. same in usa indiginous not wanted sick of hearing about bame been the underpriviledged it is not true if we white english say anything we are branded the far right which is bull

  2. No one Ever mentions the victorian white children slaves . Chimney sweeps and going under machinery to clean up bits of material in factories . One poor boy had his head crushed by the machines , why is that unimportant

  3. This obsession with bame people goes back years, I'm just glad people are waking up to this, can you imagine waiting for a job interview with a room full of white men and one black man☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☻☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹

  4. People go to university, get indoctrinate with left propaganda, run up big debts, catch all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases, learn aweful work ethics and leave with a qualification that isn't worth the paper it is written on. Those who don't go learn trades, often earn good wages and start their own businesses, by the the age of 21 they are on full wages with no student debts, at the time graduates realize university is a con, they might pick up a job in a local supermarket and eventfully work their way up, 4 or 5 years behind those who chose a trade with an apprenticeship. I think you should reevaluate your thinking when it comes to University. Its those who fail to realize that they aren't that bright and somehow think university will make them brighter who are the really disadvantaged.

  5. I am sick of all the grinning black people parading around on social media laughing like Cheshire cats, not surprising when they are getting all the handouts and recognitions for everything they do, endless public donations to their black communities, Ticky box awards for their BAME contributions, platforms for their epic Wokeouts, funding for their BLM pushing, and constant airtime on TV adverts, only then for hoards of them to sit on panel shows and talk about unfair racism in this country, they are so deluded, they still think they are the victims in this country. how long do they intend to play that broken down record.

  6. the class system in this country has and always will be a disgrace . the working class have always been treated with contempt and derision by the upper and middle class as shown now by the tory goverment in this so called covid crisis .

  7. my son is 26 , but in 2006 to 2008 at one school , he was bullied to the point of attempting suicide by holding his breath every day in classes , he was so terrified as the teachers did NOTHING to help him . he didn't tell me for 18 months . he said the teachers would hit the roof if anything was said against anyone "ethnic" or "a girl" but his desperate please to all of them , for help , he was made to feel as of he had the problem , and even when i did start to write many times to the Head , she said they were dealing with it but they never did . he was becoming more and more suicidal . it was only when i rushed him into Exeter Hospital on 26th April 2008 that i was taken seriously by The Family Courts ( i suspect the Judge was then becoming aware his name could be implicated if my son had or was about to commit suicide ? ) but the GP sent him straight back into that school after we rushed him to Hospital where a child Psychiatrist who said " your only feelings of suicide are linked to this school , not home so we suggest you see your GP on Monday and take it from there . The GP , KNOWING he was VERY SUICIDAL saying : "i don't really know much about that school" , sent my son straight back to that school . a 44 page court report by Dr **** was withheld by my son's own lawyer , P. and the Cafcass officer , S. – they did their "own" report which stated he should go back to that school asap whereas the actual report by Dr * said get him out immediately and linda should not be told by any Judge which school to send her child to , this school has a long history of bullying with no support for bullying over many years , with little change even after changing it's name and uniform has made no impact on the social problems long associated with this school …. i was then taken back to court , with the Hospital details , and finally the Judge allowed us to move close to our family near T****** but the Cafcass officer stopped my son attending a really good school there and he then attended my old school , T***** school , which was fine in the 1970 / 80's , but within days , my son was being bullied there too, he became very suicidal , was kicked so much in his back , he now has a permanent back injury , and then eventually had Hospital Education Service but it took over a year to get this , this school was also in complete denial of any bullying whatsoever . according to my son a White working class girl was trying to throw herself of off the gym roof whilst he was there , this is the TRUTH of schools in the UK and has been for at least 15 years . Home Education is an option but i was under the cosh of The Family Courts and a father who works for that p[lace in Cheltenham . White working class boys ARE being IGNORED in "school" and in "uni" …. many never go as my son didn't due to the high level of prejudice against white working class , none "gay" boys . Both of my son's cousins went to "uni" as 2 very "straight" people , but for some reason emerged "gay" …. one of them , also 26 , said on her instagram about a year ago : " i can't marry either of my partners because they're already married to each other" …. this is what the education system has been "teaching" pupils for a long time now and recently a new "law" came in to teach 3/ 4 year olds how "self pleasure" … look it up , it's true , sadly . All part of The Frankfurt School's Marxist Agenda to bring down The West from within . Nearly all of their "ideas" are now Law , ONLY 2 more of their "ideas" have yet to become Law – legalising paedophilia and losing our Borders ( already has happened ?) . The Frankfurt School has nothing to do with German people but a group from NYC early 1920's who settled there after being thrown out of Germany originally but they snuk back in later to set up this "school" . All their "ideas" are now Laws apart from the 2 above mentioned . Tony Blair dumbed down the education system , then created 1000's of new "uni's" , allowing nearly anyone in , and now we have many 10's of 1000's of angry Marxists spilling out of "uni" , all White self loathing angry youngsters , who should be excited about Life not full of Self Hate . White people are being "taught" to self hate . White English PM , William Wilberforce , stopped slavery worldwide over 50 years using The Navy – only 2 areas refused to stop slavery – Africa and Arabia . there were millions of White slaves in North Africa etc … our kids aren't being taught this in "school" or "uni" . they're being taught to hate themselves and their countries – only happening in The West … The West now has many millions of self loathing WHITE Marxist young people and millions of none White Marxist White Hating young people – The Frankfurt School's Marxist Agenda . when it's gone , it's gone for Everyone , not just White ethnic / Europeans .
    My son was one of the lucky ones – he got out of "school" emotionally and physically damaged but alive . Many White working / middle class non "Gay" boys haven't made it out alive . Something we're never told about by the GOV / MP's , the MSM apart from people like Alex Belfield and a few others . Thanks , Alex , a very important subject , very close to my heart . Thank you so much , linda, Wales .

  8. You would think it was the white working class who where the illegal immigrants the way we are treated now, people I grew up with didn’t and still don’t have “white privilege” that’s for sure.

  9. BAME will succeed, especially when the system is stacked against the indigenous population. Without flapping around, being offended, be honest & admit that the natives are being targeted & emasculated. It's infuriating.

  10. Keep prodding the sleeping Tiger SJWs and self-hating, racist, anti white top dogs…… And BTW, its not BAME so much, its our hard working, mainly strict, two parent ASIAN families who succeed.

  11. Its assumed the white population by definition have the tools to traverse the highways & byways of life in Britain, & that minorities also by definition need a helping hand to better see the road ahead. Except the first mentioned have ended up missing the bus because its been commandeered by the latter.

  12. Why do we only kick up a fuss about certain things that a badly wrong but not others? Wrong is wrong, just as destruction is destruction. Smashing up urban communities is not suddenly ok just because you have certain political opinions. Watching neglected groups of people be subjected to social decay should not be tolerated but apparently the various idiot voices of the nation are ok with it because somehow and for some unknown reason there is a perception that certain lives are worth less than others. This needs to be openly challenged as it's an absolute disgrace. I'm actually enraged about this now and wouldn't care of a massive foot came down from the clouds to crush the bbc and all these celebrities who just wax lyrical over whatever it is in their vacant minds telling them this or that thing is suddenly of urgent importance. They mustn't have heard about this particular travesty or else they're ignoring it. I hope one day the people who perpetuate everything that's rotten in our society will have a massive rude awakening and i'd like to help facilitate it.

  13. They'll have to acknowledge this if a suicide trend starts for this forgotten corner of society. Then the likes of the bbc will have to pretend to be all shocked which is something they do so well.

  14. Let's all stop racism b.l.m and the mobos and the black police officers association these are all racist groups ring in complain dont stand for them stop racism its serious stop them now before it's too late

  15. You need to stop banging on about the same issues… your analysis is typically right wing.. lacking any depth and dismissive.. life and people arent like that.. its divisional crap..

  16. Our woke establishment with gather a BAME group of professionals to look into this obvious social problem.
    How patronising!!!
    This is a majority white country and we are treated like the minority!!!!!

  17. Alex, you didn't mention the northeast, haway lad now.
    The truth is the NE is the forbidden zone, the land of desolation, It takes a brave soul to venture this far from civilization, no matter their color.
    Most of us are already or always have been on the bottom rung, and so this austerity malarky has been a bit of a bonus tbh.
    Keep up the good work.

  18. my son trying to get work locally got some work now and again in a warehouse that was built on the understanding it would give 35% of work to people nearby but not the case four English 200 overseas workers same were ever he goes when will this country learn look after your own

  19. To be fair who the hell wants to go to uni these days. My grandson searched around for an apprenticeship skipped uni, did his college training there and now has well paid job, he now is training some the same age has he who went to uni and could not get a job with their BS degrees, total waste of three years for most working class white lads.

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