May 14, 2021


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BAN BONNIE: Vancouver protesters are FED UP with BC's Provincial Health Officer

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30 thoughts on “BAN BONNIE: Vancouver protesters are FED UP with BC's Provincial Health Officer

  1. Have already cancelled Christmas. I don't do zoom and will not do zoom. She has cancelled all our Christmases. It is until January 8 2021. Any religious holiday has been cancelled.

  2. What I have come across in the past couple of weeks is wholesale capitulation by my town and bullying. I have been bullied by a fearful store owner, a building manager and a long time friend. I have been abandoned by family. Given no help when i need it. This is not tollerable. And there should be hundreds if not thousands of law suits against the appointed not elected members of government for purporting to give medical advice that is unscientific and disruptive. All in the name of promoting a unproven vaccine. There is only one way to make the virus go away. Herd immunity. So mix and mingle. Don't sign up for this false narrative. There is nothing that can harm you except overreaching government and the businesses that they support over our heads. Don't allow them to use your tax dollars this way.

  3. Bonnie you sold out, you know this is wrong and you have lost all credibility. Why? How much have they paid you off to lie. If you had any dignity you would resign. If people wanted this reset you would not have to force this down our throats or fake all this pandemic crap. You Bonnie have become a criminal along with the rest of the BC NDP. It was kind of sneaky how you pretended in the beginning with all the be kind stuff, and then oh we don't want to lock down because of all the problems like suicide and abuse. What happened to all that? You and your fake tests, wind them down to 20 cycles.

  4. Today began the mandatory mask mandate in all retail establishments or public places within BC. I had a hell of a time trying to do anything today, almost all places have a person at the front of the store now making sure nobody gets past without the mask. I truly can not wear a mask due to medical reasons but even my providing proof of this was not enough for these retail establishments, they have a zero tolerance policy for no masks, I believe my human rights have been violated, I have been discriminated against and made a spectacle of, wherever I try to go, because no masks now garner watching eyes. Home Depot was nice enough to let me stand at the front of the store while an employee picked the item I needed and brought it up so I could pay, but that took 3 times longer than it would have on a normal shopping trip, and inconvenienced 3 employees time. I have been trying hard to get chickens and build a greenhouse but I have not made it in time and now may go hungry over this dark winter. Supplies are flying off the shelves at many stores and not being replenished. The end of our modern western luxury life is very near, as we are under attack at all times now, and way too many people are complacent enough and programmed enough to not even notice they are waltzing right into slavery and begging for it on the way. Try to find alternatives to toilet paper now, because soon you'll be wiping your butt with our plastic $100 bills that will eventually be deemed worthless.

  5. If someone noticed this woman first appeared as a typical doctor. Mediocre clothing person working hairstyle. In a few days her hair was styled and she became a clothes horse. Hair salons closed and clothing stores closed but she became a talking head. When I used to work we called these people “ high maintenance “. She has lost credibility.

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