May 8, 2021


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32 thoughts on “BANGKOK STARTER KIT (+ Thai Food)

  1. Omg your nephew even sounds alike a younger you. Great content again. That's nice to see family. Ps maybe if he opens a Crypto account and gets a card he can have his money in BTC Bitcoin and see where accepts payments. I am a trader Crypto . So when I visit Thailand I can work online. And live cheaper.

  2. Gday mate im lucky in one respect as my wife sort all this out before i get there for me , it still makes me laugh when i hear people refer to thailand as a third world country the shot of the escalators at terminal 21 dispels that myth . I didn't think he would be able to open a bank account on a tourist visa but you never know try another bank normally ideal with karyskan or siam commercial .With my phone i normally just get a like 500bt and they tell you when its going to run out but when i went to get a recharge they stuffed up my line account (so happy) anyway hope the young bloke enjoys his time there.

  3. I somehow came up with the idea of buying AIS prepaid phone cards for my GF and I before leaving the States. Turned out to be one of the smarter things I did. Her phone has an eSIM programmed for Verizon, and she didn't want to blow it away, so I brought my old Pixel 4 and she's on it with her Thai family right now. Scored some major points ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. So if you're riding the BTS or MRT everyday for two-three stops each way it's going to cost you a couple bucks? So, $60 per month should be factored in for a reasonable expense? How much do you spend per month on BTS, MRT, water taxi, regular taxi etc? Owning a car, in Canada or the US, is a big expense. Wondering how much the savings is once you factor in a car substitute.

  5. So love seeing your videoes, I found you yesterday and have been subscribing and binge-watching your channel. Brings back memories to see Terminal 21 and Asoke area. Also love the diversity of your channel, a lot of great information, and cool videos on condos and houses but also on thaifood and culture, plus I love to see you give back and support the thais, this is how it should be. I would love to have a condo in Bangkok and one in Isan. My favorite place in Thauland is Isan, I was in Buriram, Korat, Udon Thani and Nong Khai – could be cool to see a house/condo video on living in Isan. I know Udon Thani has many westerners in that area. Keep up the good work and so happy to find your channel – greeting from Copenhagen, Denmark.

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