October 26, 2021


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BBC CENSOR Protest To Protect Hard Left Marxists

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21 thoughts on “BBC CENSOR Protest To Protect Hard Left Marxists

  1. I think the politicians the police BBC media are tuning are country into a vasil state. They have lost control. I have told my children to leave because their is not going to be a place in this country for the white working class and its been going on for some time.we thought voting brexit we would get are country back instead we are over run with migrants are police force is weak the goverment are traitors and the BBC and the media are trying to course a race war.why would you want to stay here

  2. “The BBC is now run by a mixture of marketing people and petty bureaucrats. It used to have a large sprinkling of people who’d actually made programs. Not any more. So BBC decisions are made by persons whose main concern is not losing their jobs. That’s why they’re so cowardly and gutless and contemptible. The Greeks in 500 B.C. felt that culture, or any kind of real civilization, was only possible because of slavery – does that mean we should take down all the statues of Socrates?”
    ~ John Cleese
    Here's WHY!:

  3. Myhyar I am totally agree de-fund the BBC, making pensioner's paying TV licences after they have payed their taxes all their lives, the least we can give them something back.

  4. I'll be honest I'm a network manager within a high school I feel for teachers they can't teach due to the behaviour of the students and ZERO support from the management Schools are about money.

  5. I don't pay TV licence and as you have said correctly just a bunch of left wing thugs being protected by a left wing organisation BBC I'm 55 now white English and am ashamed of it, but when I really think about the propaganda that is being edited and lied about with news now I be glad to see them all closed, just a link video I found the Rap sheet for George Floyd and I don't in anyway agree with his death but maybe the system should look more carefully at his type career criminal https://greatgameindia.com/george-floyd-criminal/

  6. I feel so sad, the BBC have turned against the good hard working people in our wonderful country. Our Queen is being subjected to seeing this. Shame on you BBC

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