June 17, 2021


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34 thoughts on “BBC Dead ? Top 20 Catastrophic Lies, Scandals & Cover-Ups That Ended ? Licence ?

  1. The statue of the boy could easily be altered with an angle grinder to make it look like he has a pair of shorts on. Could knock it out in one morning at minimal expense.

  2. They are putting the price up,And its a bit like the choc bars the contents get smaller,Remember when a marthon made your jaw ache they may as well call it a stroll now,When the BBC have finished putting the news on they put something on that you seen yesterday,the day before,last week,last year.

  3. Loved the opening – albeit slightly altered – rendition of Rule Britannia – ?. In fact Alex – you make me laugh more than most comedians – you’re funnier in many ways . Always good to hear you speak out on so many current issues – . I may not agree with everything but I certainly do mostly – particularly when you speak of the bbc – . All the best and cheers ?

  4. Small point of clarification. Mr B is quite right to point out you don't need a licence to have a TV or to watch YT, Amazon etc. The only exception is if you're watching a livestream. A small but important point. Check out the ChilliJonCarne YouTube channel, he's very good on the do's and don'ts of legally not paying the TV tax, sorry, licence.

  5. I tell you what if they are wasting our money then surely they must be held accountable. Who needs to know , make sure that you make them know Alex.

  6. Hi
    What I find strange is that the BBC commit or cover up serious crimes. Before the police are involved in any kind of an investigation they have a internal investigation must be good to be able to have plenty of time to hide evidence. If it was you or me the police wouldn't let us have our own investigation. And tell them to investigate or not. The BBC seems to have a strange relationship between them and the police. How many other private companies get police protection and help FREE ( Regardless of what the police claim ). When trying to bully people over TV licensing. The police claim the reason for their presence is IN CASE OF A BREACH OF THE PEACE. Do you think the police would come to someone's house with you demanding money with menace. On the off chance of trouble. Also why do the BBC get to use the police force as their FREE PRIVATE SECURITY. They don't pay the police. Which means they don't only expect you to buy a licence but also pay for their private security through our Taxes. Police protection for a private company END THE BRITISH POLICE WORKING FOR BBC. And it seems doing what ever the BBC tell them to do.

  7. I finally stopped paying for the BBC TV licence, when they refused play Land of Hope and Glory at the end of the last night of the proms. They've since sent me three demands.

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