April 22, 2021


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BBC MELTDOWN Over Brexit Deal

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31 thoughts on “BBC MELTDOWN Over Brexit Deal

  1. Congratulations fellow racists and bigotts to your divorce from the EUDSSR !
    Wish you a mindful and calm hand for restructuring your nation.
    Greetings from Bolshevik Germany

  2. If you voted and have supported Brexit you are not a freedom fighter. Holy shit is that how you people see yourselves now? La Résistance? The IRA of the UK? I'm in stitches.

  3. They have the right to live in the EU IF they have anything to offer the EU. I wish they would feck off to the EU but the truth is they know the EU do not want them and they will not get the benefits they get here.

  4. Have you any dirt on anyone on this list of politicians, if so, lets hear it…. David Davis
    Liam Fox David Gauke Michael Gove Chris Grayling Sajid Javid Andrea Leadsom Brandon Lewis 
    Penny Mordaunt Bim Afolami Steve Baker Guto Bebb Andrew Bridgen Christopher Chope
    James Cleverly Therese Coffey Robert Courts Jonathan Djanogly Jackie Doyle-Price
    James Duddridge Iain Duncan Smith Charlie Elphicke Suella Fernandes Mark Field
    Mark Francois Chris Heaton-Harris Bernard Jenkin Eleanor Laing Pauline Latham Brandon Lewis
    Tim Loughton Craig Mackinlay Kit Malthouse Stephen McPartland Nigel Mills James Morris
    Owen Paterson John Penrose Chris Pincher Jacob Rees-Mogg Alec Shelbrooke Henry Smith
    Desmond Swayne Michael Tomlinson Martin Vickers David Warburton Bill Wiggin Mike Wood

  5. I’m from Northern Ireland. I voted leave and still would if there was another vote tomorrow but the Conservatives have betrayed us and allowed the EU to interfere in the internal affairs of the United Kingdom by putting a border down the Irish Sea and allowing this part of the kingdom to be cut off from the rest. We already have Hermes and DPD saying they will no longer deliver to Northern Ireland and we will see more mainland companies refusing to sell to us. Even Amazon have said things will no longer be able to be shipped to Northern Ireland. We have been betrayed.

  6. "The UK has stayed in a free trade zone from Iceland to Russia"
    Stayed? What school did Faisal went to?

    Iceland to Russia only covers Norway, Sweden and Finland, I used to be a contributor to this idiots wages.
    Thankfully I cancelled the direct debit earlier in the year, they won't get a penny from me again.

  7. Scotland is actually a country. One of the countries that make the United Kingdom. I don't know how this channel gets the views, this guy's general knowledge isn't the best.

  8. Congratulations Britain for getting the hell out of that cabal. Many, but not nearly enough, here in Ireland would love to do likewise, despite the sneering media narrative. It's like Sovereignty is a dirty word now days. Hopefully you have now started a chain of events that will bring down the EU cabal eventually.

  9. Here in the US we aren't up on all the details of Irish borders and French fisheries but we understand that the central issue was always self determination. Glad that Brits will be ruled by their own elected representatives, however flawed such politicians tend to be, rather than unelected administrators and judges. Not surprising that your finance big shots and chattering classes, especially BBC, were universally in favor of selling you out for your own good of course.

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